'12 Years a Slave'

Conversations about Cinema: The Impact of Conflict

Mark Cosgrove | Posted 30.03.2015 | UK
Mark Cosgrove

As a subject, conflict has always drawn filmmakers, whether driven by political or social ideals, or inspired by more humanitarian concerns.

Two More Stars Confirmed For Star Wars!

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 02.06.2014 | UK Entertainment

Two more A-list names have been added to the cast of the forthcoming Star Wars film - both with big fan bases that will only get bigger with this news...

How Not To Promote A 12 Years A Slave DVD: Sainsbury's Sorry For 'Racist' Mannequin

The Huffington Post UK | Jack Sommers | Posted 21.05.2014 | UK

Sainsbury's has apologised after it was accused of racism for using a slave costume to encourage customers to buy a copy of Best Picture Oscar-winning...

And The 'Most Beautiful Woman' Of 2014 Is...

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 24.04.2014 | UK Entertainment

Lupita Nyong’o has been named ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ by People magazine in their annual ‘Most Beautiful’ list. The ‘12 Years A Slave’...

'12 Years a Slave' - An Oscar Win That's Not Necessarily Good News

Bonnie Greer | Posted 04.05.2014 | UK Entertainment
Bonnie Greer

The truth is that whatever nationality you are in the West, if you are black in the arts, you are corralled, parcelled out, mediated... 12 Years a Slave may make it even harder for black American filmmakers to be financed, to have a shot at clutching that Oscar, too.

BROMANCE: Michael Fassbender Gushes About Steve McQueen

The Huffington Post UK | Daniel Welsh | Posted 04.03.2014 | UK Entertainment

Whatever Steve McQueen does next, the chances are Michael Fassbender will be by his side. The 12 Years A Slave star, who has appeared in McQueen's ...

Mehdi's Morning Memo: The New Cold War?

Huffington Post | Mehdi Hasan | Posted 03.03.2014 | UK Politics

Here are the five things you need to know on Monday 3 March 2014... 1) THE NEW COLD WAR? Unsurprisingly, Ukraine, and the crisis in Crimea, domi...

OSCARS 2014: What's Going To Win Best Film?

The Huffington Post UK | Caroline Frost | Posted 28.02.2014 | UK Entertainment

The Oscars are coming! The little gold statuettes are being polished as we speak, ready to be handed out on Sunday evening in Los Angeles. Each day...

Why '12 Years a Slave' and 'Roots' are Inadequate Representations of Slavery

Ewa Zubek | Posted 30.04.2014 | UK Entertainment
Ewa Zubek

To those who have not seen Roots, the plot may still read like a familiar story. The recent release by black British director Steve McQueen, 12 Years a Slave, may start differently, but it follows a very similar trajectory of blood, whips and brutality.

BAFTAs: Now just an Extension of Hollywood?

Dan Ehrlich | Posted 22.04.2014 | UK Entertainment
Dan Ehrlich

It brought home the reality that the BAFTA's were becoming more and more like the Academy Awards, where big bucks Hollywood hype over -rules artistic merit.

Twelve Years a Guantánamo Slave

Neil Durkin | Posted 13.04.2014 | UK Politics
Neil Durkin

Well, not exactly a slave, but a slave of the Guantánamo system. I'm talking about Shaker Aamer, the former UK resident who is still - still - marooned at the notorious US detention centre in the Caribbean almost exactly 12 years after being taken there during the height of George W Bush's frenzied and law-breaking "war on terror".

12 Years a Slave

Sadie Brown | Posted 09.04.2014 | UK Entertainment
Sadie Brown

On this solo Saturday, after watching Steve McQueen's '12 Years a Slave', I hurriedly left the theatre fighting back tears with a lump in my throat, numb to the people around me, ran to the toilet locked myself in a cubical and burst into tears.

Celebrating UK's Entertainment Flavour

Amal Fashanu | Posted 02.04.2014 | UK Entertainment
Amal Fashanu

At a Q and A for 12 Years A Slave in London this week, Director Steve McQueen told the story of one of his first meetings in Hollywood, how an Irish person had been expected... and about the shock when he showed up. I would like to take this small opportunity to celebrate some people who have brought some exquisite flavour to the UK, Vanity Fair Style.

OSCARS 2014: '12 Years A Slave', 'Philomena' Lead British Hopes

The Huffington Post UK | Caroline Frost | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Entertainment

'12 Years A Slave' goes into this year's Oscars as the hot favourite for collective gold, scooping nominations in several of the leading categories, a...

GOLDEN GLOBES: Steve McQueen Shocked By '12 Years' Big Win

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Entertainment

'12 Years A Slave' has taken Best Film at this year's Golden Globes, meaning a big British win for director and writer Steve McQueen. The Ealing-b...

Film Review: 12 Years a Slave

Victoria Sadler | Posted 14.03.2014 | UK Entertainment
Victoria Sadler

Few films will impact you like 12 Years a Slave. It's brutal, tragic and an unflinching account of slavery. But such is the talent through every aspect of this production that the film is also gripping and eminently watchable.

Slavery and Popcorn: '12 Years A Slave'

Neil Durkin | Posted 12.03.2014 | UK Entertainment
Neil Durkin

It's a film with little to seriously unsettle the viewer. Most 12 Years audiences will be expecting two-and-a-quarter hours of high-calibre spectacle on the subject of how slave-owners in USA's pre-Civil War southern states mercilessly mistreated their human "possessions". And this is precisely what they get. It's confirmational stuff.

WATCH: Here's The Man They're All Talking About...

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Entertainment

'12 Years A Slave' may only be director Steve McQueen's third feature film, but this heavy-hitting slave about US slavery has taken on all comers and ...

BAFTA Awards 2014: Complete List Of Nominations

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 11.02.2014 | UK Entertainment

The EE British Academy Film Awards will take place on Sunday 16 February 2014 and will be held for the eighth year running at the Royal Opera House, C...

We Need More Films Like '12 Years a Slave', Not Fewer

Sonia Grant | Posted 09.03.2014 | UK Entertainment
Sonia Grant

There haven't been that many movies in the same genre - Django Unchained didn't count! Weighing in, the film's director, Steve McQueen, suggested that uneasiness could be borne out of a sense of "shame". But, there's a plethora of compelling voices and stories yet to be heard and read...

12 Years a Slave: What a Story About Slavery Can Teach us About Today's Death Penalty

Dr Bharat Malkani | Posted 04.03.2014 | UK Entertainment
Dr Bharat Malkani

In addition to this overt type of racism, a less visible type of racism rears its head in today's system of capital punishment. Research has shown that, all things being equal, you are more likely to be sentenced to death if you kill a white person instead of a black person.

'12 Years a Slave' and 'The Spectacular Now' - Two of the Best Films at This Year's LFF

Tom Linay | Posted 24.12.2013 | UK Entertainment
Tom Linay

Where to begin with a film like 12 Years A Slave? My limited range of expression feels unable to do its impact justice but I have an obligation to this blog, so I'll give it a shot. Steve McQueen's film is an unforgettable experience and one I don't think I will likely repeat again.

McQueen's 12 Years a Slave - A Review

Sarah M. Jones | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Entertainment
Sarah M. Jones

'12 Years A Slave' has been called a 'game changing event' by Rolling Stones magazine in the States, but I can't help feeling like that's a vast understatement. Invest your all in this film - you will not be disappointed.

Madonna's Bad Cinema Etiquette

Posted 11.10.2013 | UK Entertainment

Madonna has been outed as a badly behaved cinema goer after attending the New York Film Festival premiere of Steve McQueen’s acclaimed '12 Years A S...

WATCH: '12 Years A Slave' Trailer Boasts A Best Actor Contender

The Huffington Post UK | Sarah Dean | Posted 16.07.2013 | UK Entertainment

The odds on actor Chiwetel Ejiofor winning the Best Actor award at next year’s Oscars have been slashed, after the trailer for Steve McQueen's star-...