80s Music

Car Share, Rumours, And Greatest Hits

Joshua Clark | Posted 06.02.2017 | UK Entertainment
Joshua Clark

John: 'What?! Rumours! It's one of the best albums int' whole wide world.' Kayleigh: "Never even heard of it." John: "Excuse me! You've never heard ...

Listen, Again: Why George Michael's Pop Masterpiece Will Rightly Be Reappraised

Dan Tickner | Posted 28.12.2016 | UK Entertainment
Dan Tickner

One of the final acts of George Michael's creative life was to oversee both the re-issue and re-evaluation of perhaps his most misunderstood, yet greatest pieces of work. Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 was released to a changing world - musically and otherwise - in the autumn of 1990, wrong-footing critics and fans alike.

X-Factor Fright Night Brought Me Nostalgia For 80s And 90s Music

Maria Karvouni | Posted 01.11.2016 | UK Entertainment
Maria Karvouni

For me, X-Factor Fright Night was the best night of the competition until now this season. The majority of the songs (5/9) were coming from 90s (3) an...

80s Children Will Rejoice At This Musical Comeback

The Huffington Post UK | Caroline Frost | Posted 22.12.2015 | UK Entertainment

There is, arguably, nobody who sums up a particular 1980s era better than the Titian-haired popstress Tiffany. As a striking 16-year-old, she scor...

How Many Of These 80s Fashion Trends Did YOU Follow?

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 05.08.2015 | UK Entertainment

'Pixels' is a recipe of classic action adventure with a huge dose of nostalgia. Adam Sandler stars in this action-comedy about what happens when a...

WATCH: If 'Game Of Thrones' Was An ‘80s TV Show

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 27.06.2014 | UK Comedy

And not just an '80s TV show - an '80s TV show you were watching a VHS recording of. Yes, we tip our hat to Mikolaj Birek, who took this '80s VHS i...

Terrible '80s Pop Lyrics As Inspirational Posters

The Huffington Post UK | Andrea Mann | Posted 27.06.2014 | UK Comedy

Well, I say 'terrible'. But in creating these, some of them suddenly started to seem strangely profound......

PICTURES: Five-Year-Old's Adorable Drawings Of '80s Songs

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 26.11.2013 | UK Comedy

Sam is five - and his mother Lori is, by her own admission, obsessed with the 1980s. Sam's first drawing inspired by the '80s music playing in his ...

20 'Best Of' Albums That Shouldn't Really Exist

The Huffington Post UK | Andrea Mann | Posted 19.09.2013 | UK Comedy

First things first. When we say they shouldn't really exist we don't mean that we don't like the artists' music. In fact, many of them created some of...

30 Great Things About Growing Up In 1980s Britain

The Huffington Post UK | Andrea Mann | Posted 12.10.2013 | UK Comedy

In May, we brought you 30 Great Things About Growing Up In 1970s Britain. So we thought it only right that we move it along a decade, and indulge ours...

WATCH: 1986 In 10 Minutes

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 20.05.2013 | UK Comedy

Eighties kids! Want to enjoy 10 minutes of pure unadulterated nostalgia? You've come to the right place. Yes, a tip of the (straw panama) hat to Yo...

Nostalgia - Is It Really What It Used to Be?

Caragh Little | Posted 05.07.2013 | UK
Caragh Little

'What a good place to be / Don't believe it / 'cause they speak a different language /And it's never really happened to me...' Later in the week, if ...

The Boombox Project - Bass is Fundamental

Lyle Owerko | Posted 30.01.2012 | UK Entertainment
Lyle Owerko

If not for the Boombox many an urban hero might not have made it out of the basement, garage or abandoned hallways of the world.

The Luxury Rap - Heaven 17 on the Record

David Julian Price | Posted 10.12.2011 | UK Entertainment
David Julian Price

The early eighties were the high watermark for electronic music. A new wave of electronic synthesisers appeared in the late seventies, opening up the ...

Review: New Horrors Album Exhumes '80s Ghosts

Christian Ward | Posted 17.09.2011 | UK Entertainment
Christian Ward

If you're over the age of 35, the new Horrors album (streaming in full on their website now) will conjure a Proustian rush of memories. Skying is loca...