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Saint Laurent's Rhinestone Boots Worn By Rihanna Now Have A Waiting List

The Huffington Post | Susan Devaney | Posted 29.03.2017 | UK Style

Remember those super sparkly Saint Laurent boots worn by Rihanna during Paris Fashion Week last month? They’ve now got a waiting list. Less than a w...

YSL And Instagram Rants. When The Fashion And Feminism Debate Goes Rogue

Lou Mensah | Posted 16.03.2017 | UK Style
Lou Mensah

I know it's always been like this really, Tracey Emin's bed, Hirst's cow, Richard Billingham's parents, what Lena Dunham's saying, there has always something for rookie critics to moan about and for artists to roar back too - but recently the cycle of negativity between influencer and audience seems relentlessly fervent, in times when we need bringing together

Yves Saint Laurent Has Been Accused of Copying: Is the Role of Creative Director's Changing?

Tania Phipps-Rufus | Posted 09.09.2016 | UK Style
Tania Phipps-Rufus

Are creative directors now just commodities? For luxury companies the identity of the owner or creative director of the company is critical in the success and creation of the brand's image.

Morocco: Lucky Number Five

Noelle Reno | Posted 01.08.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Noelle Reno

As part of my Eat, Pray, Love adventure, Morocco was the fifth phase of my twelve countries in twelve months journey that I couldn't wait to escape my busy city life to. The number five carries huge significance in their culture and everywhere I went this number seemed to appear.

Seven Business Lessons from Yves Saint Laurent

Maite Baron | Posted 15.07.2014 | UK
Maite Baron

It was Saturday, cold for the time of year, so at the last minute I changed my mind about going to Borough Market and decided to go to the pictures in...

Why Has Apple Hired A Fashion Executive For 'Special Projects'?

Huffington Post UK | Michael Rundle | Posted 01.09.2013 | UK Tech

Apple has made a big - and slightly strange - new hire. Former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Deneve, has joined the company according to Bloomber...

Why Has Apple Hired A Fashion Executive For 'Special Projects'?

Huffington Post UK | Michael Rundle | Posted 01.09.2013 | UK Tech

Apple has made a big - and slightly strange - new hire. Former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Deneve, has joined the company according to Bloomber...

Parlez-Vous Fashion: In Which Plaid Comes Back

Eleanor Doughty | Posted 14.06.2013 | UK Style
Eleanor Doughty

As regular readers will know, I am not a rock chick. The closest thing to biker-babe I own is a vintage caramel suede jacket with a distressed - now-holey - lining that my mum bought me years ago, and that I had to be persuaded into loving.

Does Fashion Need Real Fur?

Zoe Yates | Posted 11.06.2013 | UK Style
Zoe Yates

To this day I don't wear fur. Although I don't have anything against people wearing it as I believe it's totally a personal choice. There is, however, one thing about fur I can't deny - it's making a comeback, and in a major way.

Milla Jovovich Graces the Cover of Vogue Paris February 2013: New York Special

Vogue.fr | Posted 23.03.2013 | UK Style

With the Manhattan skyline rising behind her, Ukranian model Milla Jovovich covers the magazine's New York special, set to hit newsstands 23 January. ...

Women Wearing the Pants: Evolution of Andro-Chic Style

Graciela Fairclough | Posted 01.03.2013 | UK Style
Graciela Fairclough

Throughout history, certain garments have come to be narrowly defined as gender specific. Within the context of western attire skirts, blouses and dresses are commonly regarded as articles of women's wear.

Today I'm Wearing

Vivian Ho | Posted 09.02.2013 | UK Style
Vivian Ho

Today I'm wearing bright and rich colours by pulling out the yellow jacket from Asos that I wore a few posts ago and I have paired it with one of my favourites- the deep purple, side-tie top also from Asos.

Boho Beat

Eleanor Doughty | Posted 08.02.2013 | UK Style
Eleanor Doughty

I am not, and will never be, bohemian. The easy demeanor so boldly coveted worldwide is something that I just cannot achieve. It requires a genuine nonchalance, a kind of strut, perhaps a daily meditative state that I just do not possess. But I bet you do. So, I am staging an intervention.

More Wang for Your Buck

Kristin Knox | Posted 02.02.2013 | UK Style
Kristin Knox

Last week, the other ankle boot dropped. In the latest installment of fashion musical chairs, following the announcement of the departure of Nicolas Ghesquière from the helm of Balenciaga after 15 long years, Alex Wang was proclaimed official heir apparent.

Today I'm Wearing

Vivian Ho | Posted 28.01.2013 | UK Style
Vivian Ho

My outfits and posts have been very simple recently, in part due to my hectic schedule. I apologise if they haven't been super elaborate and detailed, but I guess that makes them more wearable day-to-day anyway!

Today I'm Wearing

Vivian Ho | Posted 18.01.2013 | UK Style
Vivian Ho

My favourite pieces are my most versatile ones! When you have a summery blouse, you can still get away with it in the autumn.

Today I'm Wearing

Vivian Ho | Posted 31.12.2012 | UK Style
Vivian Ho

Why has winter come so early this year? I've already pulled out my gilets and knits! Today I'm wearing a Karl Donoghue sheepskin gilet which is the feature piece of this outfit. You will see why I'm calling it a 'feature' piece, especially once it's been zipped up.

We Need to Talk About YSL...

Kristin Knox | Posted 07.12.2012 | UK Style
Kristin Knox

We need to talk about Yves Saint Laurent. Excuse me, Saint Laurent Paris. No, make that Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane. Or is it simply Saint Laurent? Bugger. Anyway, when I say we have to "talk," I don't mean about the clothes. Given that I did not even bother requesting a ticket, I do not run the risk of not being invited back. Or invited in the first place. So here goes.

Love Your Legs

Eleanor Doughty | Posted 28.10.2012 | UK Style
Eleanor Doughty

There are moments in fashion when you recognise something that will change the landscape of our fair industry. It happened at Jil Sander in September 2010 when Raf Simons transformed neon colours into a palatable concept with that skirt. But now, the new 'it' item has arrived, storming catwalks and constructed by the real who's who in fashion. If you are looking for the defining autumn addition then this is it. Seriously. Introducing, the trouser suit.

Tonight I'm Wearing

Vivian Ho | Posted 30.10.2012 | UK Style
Vivian Ho

Someone mentioned that I haven't posted anything I've been wearing for the evenings in the last couple of months....so here we go!

Today I'm Wearing

Vivian Ho | Posted 06.10.2012 | UK Style
Vivian Ho

You can never go wrong with a grey t-shirt! So a grey t-shirt with a peplum hem? Match made in heaven! But I'm not going to lie, I wasn't so sure this would fit me all right at first. For t-shirts, I usually opt for v-necks as it suits me better, but for the price (a mere £13 quid) and fit, I thought to myself - well, why not give it a go?

Today I'm Wearing

Vivian Ho | Posted 24.09.2012 | UK Style
Vivian Ho

Hello, summer in London! I can finally start wearing short sleeves for the first time this year without carrying around a jacket! I'm wearing a very easy and simple outfit... T-shirt, jeans, wedges and a chunky gold necklace to dress it up a little!

Confirmed: Hedi Slimane Is New Creative Director At YSL

MyDaily | Posted 06.05.2012 | UK Style

Hedi Slimane has this morning been confirmed as the new creative director at Yves Saint Laurent....

Stefano Pilati To Leave Yves Saint Laurent

MyDaily | Posted 28.04.2012 | UK Style

It's been quite the week of designer musical chairs. First Raf Simons leaves Jil Sander, then Jil Sander announces her return to the fashion house she...

Why Do Thousands Of Women Want This Cream?

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 16.01.2012 | UK Lifestyle

A new-generation skincare cream, being hailed the ‘holy grail’ of anti-ageing, is set to take the UK market by storm this week. Ahead of its l...