Abahlali Basemjondolo

Joining Forces in the Fight for the Right to the City

Caroline Elliot | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK
Caroline Elliot

As regional leaders next week gather for the African economic conference in Johannesburg, within post-apartheid's wealthiest province, the leader of some of South Africa's poorest communities prepares to join forces with allies overseas in the bid for justice and the right to the city.

Talk to Us, Not About Us

Caroline Elliot | Posted 03.02.2013 | UK
Caroline Elliot

This week saw the opening of the 6th Africities Summit in Dakar, Senegal with the aspiration of contributing "to the emergence of Africa of the people". Yet it is the people themselves who are all too often absent from such gatherings of the great and the good.

Fate Often Moves With Ironic Steps

Caroline Elliot | Posted 19.09.2012 | UK Sport
Caroline Elliot

Recently the world's most valuable sports team plays a friendly match at a South African stadium whose construction overlapped with large numbers of poor people being forced into housing which some brand a concentration camp.