Academy Awards

It's Oscar Nominations Trivia Time!

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Comedy

It's that time of year again - Oscars time, that is. Comedy films normally get short shrift from the Academy - it's rare for one to be nominated f...

OSCARS 2014: '12 Years A Slave', 'Philomena' Lead British Hopes

The Huffington Post UK | Caroline Frost | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Entertainment

'12 Years A Slave' goes into this year's Oscars as the hot favourite for collective gold, scooping nominations in several of the leading categories, a...

Oscars 2014: LIVE All The Winners As They're Announced...

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 03.03.2014 | UK Entertainment

The Oscars have been allotted. The ink is dry inside the golden envelopes. And they're being opened tonight - one by one! ALL THE WINNERS AS THEY'R...

Golden Globes, Oscars, Super Bowl: All Big Bucks Showbiz Hype

Dan Ehrlich | Posted 15.03.2014 | UK Entertainment
Dan Ehrlich

Annually the most hyped and talked about bit of fantasy on air is the Academy Awards AKA The Oscars. Yet, even with all the hype and glamour, the Oscars can't equal the Super Bowl for audience size.

Psychologists Find Female Success Is Bad for Romantic Relationships

Dr Raj Persaud | Posted 06.11.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Dr Raj Persaud

Your romantic partner experiences a huge success; a big pay rise or their first novel is accepted for publication - how does that make you feel? If you are a man, you would be feeling worse about yourself, according to the latest psychological research.

Seth MacFarlane Asked To Host Oscars Again

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 19.04.2013 | UK Entertainment

Seth MacFarlane has reportedly been asked to return as the host for the Academy Awards in 2014. The 'Family Guy' creator caused controversy with so...

Tina Fey Says 'No Way' To Oscars: But Only A Mean Girl Can Top Family Guy Misogyny

Sarah Woolley | Posted 01.05.2013 | UK Entertainment
Sarah Woolley

This week Tina Fey said "No Way" to hosting the Oscars and taking the torch from Seth Macfarlane - a man committed to failing upwards in life. It's an announcement that disappointed many who had asked, "Why can't Tina Fey and Amy Poehler just host everything?"

'Thelma & Louise' Star Wades Into Oscars Row

PA | Posted 05.03.2013 | UK Entertainment

Academy Award winner Geena Davis has waded into the controversy over this year's Oscar ceremony by saying host Seth MacFarlane's routine was disrespec...

On History, Homer and Ben Affleck

Peter Frankopan | Posted 01.05.2013 | UK Entertainment
Peter Frankopan

We should, I think, cut Hollywood some slack. It is easy to forget that history is all about dramatic license. Who wants to read a boring account of the past? Which historian does not want to spice things up? And even as far as flaws, errors and distortions go - well, bring them on.

Goodbye, Standards... And How to Bring Them Back

Claire Meadows | Posted 30.04.2013 | UK Entertainment
Claire Meadows

Ok... I was waiting for the funny to happen... and it never showed. We're used to it, I suppose... we suffered the unbearable Ricky Gervais as host for far longer than we should have had to. But... wow... wasn't Seth MacFarlane awful?

In Defence of Seth MacFarlane

Sri Sritharan | Posted 28.04.2013 | UK Entertainment
Sri Sritharan

MacFarlane will never be everyone's cup of tea, but the show's organisers would have known this.

Oscars 2013: Caught On Camera Special (PICS)

Posted 26.02.2013 | UK Entertainment

All that posing and posturing on the Oscars red carpet must be an exhausting business so it's not really surprising that the assembled stars let their...

EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Real-Life Memories Ben Affleck's Oscar-Winning 'Argo'

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 28.04.2013 | UK Entertainment

While the dust still settles on its gold statuette for Best Picture at this year's Oscars, 'Argo' is making its way to more viewers. Argo - star...

The Best Thing About the Oscars

Tim Manton | Posted 27.04.2013 | UK Entertainment
Tim Manton

The best thing about the Oscars is, in my opinion, the aftermath of the Oscars. I say this, because I don't have a lot of time for the actual ceremony unless it's in small chunks online. That's where it makes sense.

Seth MacFarlane's Best (And Worst) Oscar Jokes

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 26.02.2013 | UK Comedy

Seth MacFarlane is being hailed by many as "the worst Oscar host ever". And a large part of this is due to the one-liners he delivered on the night. ...

LOOK: Funniest Oscars Pictures

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.02.2013 | UK Comedy

The Academy Awards are always a time for Hollywood A-listers to look gorgeous and poised... But that doesn't stop them looking rather daft sometimes,...

How To Hold An Oscar

Huffington Post UK | Felicity Morse | Posted 25.02.2013 | UK Comedy

Winning an Oscar is the pivotal moment in the career of an entertainer. That innocuous-looking statuette signals the start of fatter salaries, jui...

Hidden Psychology of the Academy Awards Reveals a Bias Against Actresses

Dr Raj Persaud | Posted 26.04.2013 | UK Entertainment
Dr Raj Persaud

Great acting by women has little bearing on the overall assessment of a film, while great acting by men is much more closely linked to appreciation of a great movie.

Britney's New Barnet

The Huffington Post UK | Ashley Percival | Posted 25.02.2013 | UK Entertainment

Britney Spears is nearly as famed for her blonde locks as she is for her schoolgirl outfit in the 'Baby One More Time' video. But it was all chan...

'Worst Oscar Host Ever': Reviewers, Twitter Blast Seth MacFarlane

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.02.2013 | UK Comedy

The Oscars hosting gig is, as The Hollywood Reporter notes, one of the toughest in showbusiness. But while that publication praised Seth MacFarlane's ...

Oscars 2013: The After Parties (PICS)

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.02.2013 | UK Entertainment

They've walked down the red carpet, sat through a bum-numbing ceremony, celebrated (and commiserated) their awards, and after host Seth MacFarlane clo...

OSCARS 2013: Ben Gets Emotional After 'Argo' Best Picture Win

The Huffington Post UK | Caroline Frost | Posted 26.04.2013 | UK Entertainment

Ben Affleck's redemption by Hollywood is complete, with his film 'Argo' winning Best Picture at this year's Oscars. When his co-producer Grant Hes...

OSCARS 2013: Tearful Adele Wins Best Song For 'Skyfall'

The Huffington Post UK | Caroline Frost | Posted 26.04.2013 | UK Entertainment

Adele's mantelpiece just got a little bit more weighed down, with an Oscar to add to her clutch of Brits and Grammys, for both critical acclaim and re...

How Award Ceremonies Have Embraced Social Media in 2013

Philip Keightley | Posted 25.04.2013 | UK Tech
Philip Keightley

February is the most notable month for award ceremonies in film and music on both sides of the Atlantic. The Grammys, BAFTAs and Brit Awards have alre...

OSCARS 2013: Adele Joins Stars In Final Stage Rehearsals

The Huffington Post UK | HuffPost Staff | Posted 26.04.2013 | UK Entertainment

British stars Adele and Catherine Zeta Jones are counting down the hours until they take to the stage for the 85th Academy Awards. Adele, hotly ti...