Luke Smitherd: A Writer To Look Out For In 2017

Mark Hillary | Posted 09.12.2016 | UK Entertainment
Mark Hillary

Luke Smitherd is a British writer best known for his 2015 novel The Stone Man. Shortlisted by the audiobook service Audible as one of their...

Ten Ways People Are Using 3D Printing

Damian Radcliffe | Posted 04.02.2015 | UK Tech
Damian Radcliffe

3D printing has been tipped as a technological game changer for some time, but after a hesitant start it looks as if this potential is slowly starting to be realised...

August Legal News Review

Milly (Millicent) Bygrave | Posted 10.10.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Milly (Millicent) Bygrave

With the UK economy said to be recovering for the first time in six years, any moves to restructure and guide the UK banking sector towards risk prevention is a positive contribution toward strengthening the economy.

Dissing Other Authors Can Be Dangerous--Or Not

Lev Raphael | Posted 30.04.2014 | UK Entertainment
Lev Raphael

When I was first starting out as a published author, and before my first book was published, a famous writer at an awards banquet offered me unsolicit...

Amazon Staff Suffering 'Slave Camp' Conditions, Workers Say

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 25.11.2013 | UK

Online retail giant Amazon makes its staff work under "unbelievable" pressure in "slave camp" conditions, with employees at their warehouses having to...

Stop Guessing About Bezos - Start Strategizing

Andy Law | Posted 07.10.2013 | UK
Andy Law

Give the Washington Post away to every one of those customers who, every day, is expecting a delivery of something from Amazon. Start with .com and then expand it to become a global newspaper.

Reading Books Will Ruin Your Life

Hayley Morgan | Posted 26.06.2013 | UK Entertainment
Hayley Morgan

One day, books will be like antiques. A standard paperback will cost hundreds of pounds depending on the year and edition. War and Peace will be out of print. And I will be an old lady with only dreams of ghosts of cats, telling the illiterate kids on the block how these same streets were once paved in books, each one costing less than a halfpenny.

Santa, You're Gonna Need A Bigger Sleigh

Posted 19.12.2012 | UK

These are the pictures which show just how mega the spending for Christmas has become. Gigantic warehouses stuffed from floor to ceiling with fest...

Targeted Advertising Vs. Privacy

Steve Davies | Posted 24.10.2012 | UK Tech
Steve Davies

Sky's announcement of Adserve at The Future of Advertising...In One Afternoon in London, earlier this year, marks the leap of TV advertising into the targeted ad world of the internet and store cards.

Self-Publishing: Vanity Publishing or Something Else?

Jason O'Mahony | Posted 06.10.2012 | Home
Jason O'Mahony

Up until recently, self-publishing triggered certain images. An author announcing a new book. Admiration from friends and family, followed by realisation that author has not being endorsed by professionals putting faith through cash on his skills as a writer, but has paid for book to be published.

WATCH: This 'Amazon Yesterday' Parody Is The 'Inception' Of Amazon Spoofs

Huffington Post UK | Alastair Plumb | Posted 20.07.2012 | UK Comedy

You know stereotypical evil bosses in Hollywood movies? How they say things like, "I need this yesterday!"? Well, imagine if actually offer...

Shoe the Keyhole

Lucy Karsten | Posted 01.07.2012 | UK Style
Lucy Karsten

As my friend continued jabbering away during my shoot, I realised why is going to be so successful. People can buy the shoes they want, for any occasion, without having to go out shopping. And they never need to tell anyone about it.

Mixing Bricks with Clicks

Raconteur Media | Posted 13.05.2012 | UK
Raconteur Media

In a winter of economic discontent, growing online sales combined with high street trading is a brighter outlook says James Wallman It doesn't matter...

iOccupy: Occupation Records Challenge to the Music Industry

Adam Jung | Posted 14.04.2012 | UK Politics
Adam Jung

The music industry must play a role in improving working conditions under these companies, and they've done it before. 20 years ago most band merchandise - t-shirts, patches, hoodies - was, like most apparel, manufactured in sweatshops in China. Now most bands use fair trade certified suppliers for their merch.

Amazon Smartphone On Christmas List For 2012 Says Citigroup Analysts

Huffington Post UK | Felicity Morse | Posted 21.11.2011 | UK Tech

Amazon is expected to launch its own smartphone after the success of its Kindle e-book reader, according to a report by brokerage firm Citigroup. T...