Anne Marie Slaughter

Women in Business Q&A: Abigail Posner, Head of Strategic Planning, Google

Laura Dunn | Posted 19.02.2017 | UK
Laura Dunn

Abigail Posner Abigail Posner is the Head of Strategic Planning at the ZOO, Google's creative think tank for agencies and brands. As a thought leade...

Do We Really Need a Men's Movement?

Marijo Bos | Posted 21.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Marijo Bos

Many women will likely baulk at Anne-Marie Slaughter's call for a men's movement - which argues that men are stigmatised and need to speak up more in support of themselves. She has a point, but not quite in the way she thinks.

Fifty Years on From 'The Feminine Mystique', Now Childless Working Women Ask, 'Is This All?'

Katherine Baldwin | Posted 19.04.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Katherine Baldwin

For those experiencing feminism's unintended consequences - childless, working women of my generation who, just like Friedan's housewives, are wondering if there's 'something more' - it can feel like the pendulum swung too far the other way.

Anne Marie-Slaughter Is Not Controversial, But The Truth Is

Zion Lights | Posted 18.09.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Zion Lights

Marie-Slaughter's article makes a powerful argument that women with children are not failures for failing to be what she calls 'superhuman' mothers and career women, and she also provides a sense of relief for us stay-at-home mums, as she confirms that spending as much quality time as we can with our children has to come first.

Nobody Can Have It All, and That's OK

Peter Blair | Posted 16.09.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Peter Blair

Not only is it true that we men need to man up and start contributing more both outside work and to the debate, but everyone needs to accept the hard truth that regardless of sex we're all trying to do too much. Nobody can have it all.

A Meritocracy of Ideas in International Development

Peter Blair | Posted 03.04.2012 | UK Tech
Peter Blair

As a relative late-comer to Twitter I had been hugely sceptical of what it could really add to my life. For a long time my adage was "if you can say ...