Anti War

As British Parliament Votes for Airstrikes, Public Mood Shifts Further Away From Intervention

Mostafa Rajaai | Posted 04.12.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Mostafa Rajaai

Although many feel emotionally drained and furious after the vote to engage in Syria, the anti war movement will only grow in light of this latest military engagement. Students from all over the country are planning actions to oppose airstrikes and will not rest until they are finally listened to.

It Is Liberal Racism to Argue That Muslims Are 'Driven' to Commit Murder By Britain's Foreign Policy

Brendan O'Neill | Posted 29.07.2013 | UK Politics
Brendan O'Neill

To claim that Western politicians bear true responsibility for what happened in Woolwich is to argue that the killers themselves do not bear responsibility, presumably because their ability to exercise moral judgement was overridden by... what, precisely? By a peculiarly Muslim fury?

PHOTOS: Anti-War Activists Target Tony Blair's UCL Speech

The Huffington Post UK | Charlie Lindlar | Posted 13.11.2012 | UK Universities & Education

Anti-war protesters gathered outside the University College London (UCL) on Tuesday as former prime minister Tony Blair gave a speech to mark the open...

The Left's Problem with Warfare

Scott Hill | Posted 19.03.2012 | UK Politics
Scott Hill

A frequent and somewhat unrefined narrative goes as such: if you are right-wing you support war, whereas if you are of a leftist persuasion you oppose such confrontation. If only it were that simple.

Protest Calls For Afghan Withdrawal

PA | Posted 08.12.2011 | UK

Musicians, actors, film-makers, artists and MPs are joining anti-war activists for a protest marking the 10th anniversary of the Afghanistan war. T...