Arlene Foster

People Mock Theresa May For Shaking The 'Magic Money Tree' To Get £1 Billion For The DUP

The Huffington Post | Jasmin Gray | Posted 26.06.2017 | UK

Theresa May’s £1 billion deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has prompted incredulity that the prime minister has conveniently found a ...

DUP Agree Deal With Tories To Keep Theresa May In Power

The Huffington Post | Ned Simons | Posted 26.06.2017 | UK Politics

Theresa May has secured a deal with Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) that will see the Northern Ireland party prop up her minority Conservative governm...

DUP-Tory Deal To Prop Up Theresa May Could Be Signed 'This Week'

The Huffington Post | Ned Simons | Posted 26.06.2017 | UK Politics

DUP leader Arlene Foster has said she hopes to strike a deal with Theresa May “this week” to prop up the prime minister’s minority government. O...

Revealed: The DUP's Letters Trying To Curb The Right To Gay Marriage In Scotland

The Huffington Post | Jack Sommers | Posted 20.06.2017 | UK

The Democratic Unionist Party lobbied to stop Northern Irish gay couples from upgrading their civil partnerships to marriages in Scotland, newly-publi...

Come On, Arlene: What Will The DUP Ask Of The Tories?

Joseph Reed | Posted 09.06.2017 | UK Politics
Joseph Reed

Since the exit poll indicated that the Tories would fall short of the 326 seats required for a majority, the DUP have been enjoying a brief spell in the sun, resolutely aware of the strength of their hand. Their website crashed this morning as voters scrambled to find out who they are and what they stand for, while party officials remained locked in talks with the Conservatives throughout the night.

5 Reasons You Should Be Seriously Worried About The DUP

The Huffington Post | Christopher York | Posted 11.06.2017 | UK

LATEST: Theresa May Mocked Mercilessly For ‘Omnishambles’ After DUP Deal Statement ‘Issued In Error’ So, the dust is beginning to settle after...

DUP 'Deal' With Tories Sparks Fears Over LGBT And Women's Rights

The Huffington Post | Steven Hopkins | Posted 09.06.2017 | UK

Theresa May’s reported deal with the DUP to allow her to cling to power has been dubbed the real “coalition of chaos” as commentators suggested ...

Meet The Anti-Gay Marriage Party That Could Be About To Prop Up The Tories

The Huffington Post | Jack Sommers | Posted 26.06.2017 | UK

You may know nothing about them, but the Democratic Unionist Party and the DUP policies might be about to take on a pivotal role in British politics. ...

Can The UK Survive Brexit In One Piece?

Gary Kent | Posted 06.03.2017 | UK Politics
Gary Kent

"Northern" and "Ireland" together are often seen as the most boring words in English. Completely unfairly given Northern Ireland's natural beauty and hospitality. But the shock results of their recent elections are far from dull. They could presage profound change in Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the UK in the chaotic age of Brexit.

Stormont 2016 - Changed Utterly, A Forgettable Beauty Is Born

Brian John Spencer | Posted 23.05.2017 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

The dates May 12 and May 19 2016 could go down in history. The moment Northern Ireland politics were normalised or consolidated; the moment the hegemo...

The Orange and Green State for a Protestant and Catholic People

Brian John Spencer | Posted 12.05.2017 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a disaffected people in possession of a dysfunctional government must be in want of an alternative. A lame government is a dead government. Not in Northern Ireland. Naomi Long said ahead of the election, "The public will not forget the time squandered in delay, deadlock and division."

The Norn Iron Lady

Brian John Spencer | Posted 04.05.2017 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

She is articulate and assertive, and she can dispatch a determined opponent with a withering glance and stinging retort. She straddles a corner of European politics and commands respect from adversaries and allies alike. This isn't Nicola Sturgeon or Angela Merkel, but another strong and popular stateswoman - Arlene Foster.