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Bristol Is Ready For Channel 4

Kerry McCarthy | Posted 16.10.2017 | UK Politics
Kerry McCarthy

There is a real buzz about the city these days, which is attracting new creative professionals to Bristol. But Bristol's bid for Channel 4 is also about unleashing the potential of the multicultural citizens who already live and work here, many of whom have unique perspectives and valuable ideas that could feed in to Channel 4 programming. With 35% of our population aged under 24, the talent pool from which to draw is huge.

Slave/Master At The V&A Challenges Public Perception About Robots Through Dance At London Design Festival

Brooke Roberts-Islam | Posted 26.09.2017 | UK Tech
Brooke Roberts-Islam

However, if we take a look at the world around us now, and the machines working alongside humans, we see a very different picture. Medical robots are used to carry out complex and intricate surgical procedures, massively increasing success rates and minimising the number of associated complications

UK Disabled Artists Lead The World, But For How Long?

Jo Verrent | Posted 25.09.2017 | UK Entertainment
Jo Verrent

We live in a society where disability is still seen more frequently as a plot devise rather than simply part of the human condition (see autumn's new TV schedules with amputee Cormoran Strike in JK Rowling's Strike and acid-burned Gabriel Markham in Rellik). Where disability is most frequently acted rather than authentic (the above played by Tom Burke and Richard Dormer respectively, both non-disabled actors).

If Being Transgender Was A Job, No-One Would Apply

Kate O'Donnell | Posted 29.03.2017 | UK Entertainment
Kate O'Donnell

Trans people are often shown as sad, lonely people. Or sex workers, or trapped in the wrong body, rejected, suicidal, killed or simply die. Basically the media would have you believe that it's never ends well for us trans folk. I believe that art can create social change and I like being part of that change.

Want to Increase Diversity in the Arts? Get Local

Natalie Wade | Posted 11.02.2015 | UK Entertainment
Natalie Wade

We can argue the reasons for this situation until the proverbial cows come home. But what is indisputable is the transformative impact that art and culture has on these young people's lives.

Can't Pay Your Tax? Hand Over Some Art...

PA | Posted 02.12.2014 | UK

Artworks worth around £45 million have been left to the nation in lieu of tax, according to a new report. They include an early work by Vincent Va...

Arts and Culture in the Regions - Why It's Not All Doom and Gloom

Sarah Maxfield | Posted 22.09.2014 | UK Entertainment
Sarah Maxfield

Of course we could use more money - we had far more applicants to our National portfolio than we could afford to support. Yes, there is more to do in terms of the balance of the Arts Council's investment and yes, progress is slow - but it is purposeful and targeted. Overall investment outside London has actually increased in this National portfolio round.

Libraries Are Still Vital for the Socially Excluded

Natalie Wade | Posted 25.05.2014 | UK Politics
Natalie Wade

Like record stores, video rentals and book shops, there can be a commonly-held assumption that libraries are surplus to requirement for a younger digi...

Getting Closer to No Boundaries

Jo Verrent | Posted 29.04.2014 | UK Entertainment
Jo Verrent

In 2013 I sat at home to watch the Arts Council of England's State of the Arts Conference online. within 20 minutes - not because of the content but because I couldn't access the content (I'm hearing impaired and need subtitles). This year there were a few changes...

What Have I Learnt From Working With Young People?

Lucie Fitton | Posted 26.08.2012 | Home
Lucie Fitton

When we set out to reinvent our Roman gallery through the eyes of young Londoners we knew we had an interesting journey ahead of us.

The Arts Cuts: It's Personal

Mark Skipper | Posted 25.07.2012 | Home
Mark Skipper

2011/12 was one of the most challenging but hugely satisfying years I can remember during my years at Northern Ballet.

PHOTOS: Olympic Boat 'Made From Hendrix's Guitar' To Set Sail

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 07.05.2012 | UK

A boat crafted from 1,200 pieces of wood, including fragments from the Mary Rose and Jimi Hendrix's guitar, will be launched today as part of a nation...

Pushing Watershed's Dick Penny into The Space, Arts Council England's New Digital Platform Created in Partnership With the BBC

Jo Verrent | Posted 30.06.2012 | Home
Jo Verrent

It's a good job the café is empty. Dick Penny is animated when excited; his language is loud and rich in profanity. We are discussing arts funding in the UK. There is a lot of swearing going on.

If This is The State of the Arts Then It's Not Access for All

Jo Verrent | Posted 16.04.2012 | Home
Jo Verrent

Arts Council England's State of the Arts Conference had a fantastic Twitter feed yesterday (#SOTA12). Provocative, entertaining, illuminating. Great stuff. Well done. But not enough.