Bristol Museum: Remembering the British Empire in India

Bristol Museum: Remembering the British Empire in India

Sumeet Grover  26.04.2014
Having said that, empires are controversial, and they are never created to empower the occupied territories. In that respect, the Mughal...

Sculpture in the Home - Pangolin London

Bob Chaundy  25.04.2014
The Pangolin London has transformed itself into a time capsule for the next few weeks with its exhibition Sculpture in the Home. The show...

Shakespeare: A Hit, A Very Palpable Hit

John Worne  25.04.2014
There's the one thing that underpins all of this - as Hamlet said, 'the play's the thing'. The reason Shakespeare's words are our words,...


Dr Michael Petry  24.04.2014
Richard Wilson's new sculptural installation Slipstream had its preview last night at the new Heathrow Terminal 2 (oddly named The Queen's...
A Dash of Fiction Flash

A Dash of Fiction Flash

David Hynes  23.04.2014
Flash Fiction, ordinarily seen as self-contained pieces under 100 words, provides the ultimate source of escapism for minds weary of a...

Chantal Akerman's Les Anneés 80 - A Film About Spinning

Adam Roberts  23.04.2014
Half way through a retrospective of Chantal Akerman's films. Surely surprise and innovation are exhausted. Seeing Les anneés 80 proves...

A Letter of the Spirit: Using Art to Let Love and Peace Resound

Ana Tzarev  22.04.2014
Since 2012, I have committed to an ambitious, challenging, and incredibly rewarding endeavor, the crux of my career as an artist: I wish...

What Will They See of Me?

Steven Bode  22.04.2014
These themes - of identity and visibility, of posterity, of exposure and disclosure - all hover in the background of an exhibition called...
Why Local Street Art Is the Best Easter Present EVER

Why Local Street Art Is the Best Easter Present EVER

Jody Thompson  22.04.2014
Whilst I was absentmindedly posting some letters at the end of my road ready for Tuesday's first collection, I saw the most wonderful new...
Swimming, Violet Curtains and the Duchess

Swimming, Violet Curtains and the Duchess

Stella Vine  21.04.2014
I've been a bit flighty the last few years, but I'm naturally quite earthy. I guess I just have to balance the fact I'm really a traveller,...

Celia's Chronicles

Celia Lyttelton  19.04.2014
To Arles, famed for its Roman antiquities, and a shrine to Vincent Van Gogh, is now set to become a a vital new hub for art -in-the-making....
Why 'I Could Have Done That' Hurts Contemporary Art

Why 'I Could Have Done That' Hurts Contemporary Art

Alexander Leivesley  18.04.2014
"I could have done that". The usual utterance when observing a piece of contemporary art. In fact, it's these five words that create the...
Last Exit to Brixton

Last Exit to Brixton

Ben Turnbull  18.04.2014
If I had thought like a gallery or set my aims like a gallery, I never would of even got out of bed in the first place. This project is...

A Mourning With Jessica Albarn - The Plight of the Bumblebee

Gisele Scanlon  16.04.2014
Jessica Albarn has won numerous accolades for her art, books and films, but until her last film "The Boy In The Oak", she had never made...