Making a Manifesto

Making a Manifesto

Rosy Greenlees  11.09.2014
Important in and of itself, a craft education isn't just about creating beautiful objects. It has a vital role to play in wider industry,...
Lulu Guinness's Top Ten Fashion-Meets-Art Moments

Lulu Guinness's Top Ten Fashion-Meets-Art Moments

Tate  8.09.2014
The British accessories fashion designer Lulu Guinness OBE shares her top ten moments where the worlds of art and fashion collide following...
Why Arts Fiends Should Hurry Up North

Why Arts Fiends Should Hurry Up North

Clare Fisher  7.09.2014
Art is all about taking risks - about reaching into the dark without knowing what you're going to find. So if the North, the Arts, or the...
Vital Xposure presents

Vital Xposure presents "Let Me Stay"

Mik Scarlet  5.09.2014
I felt more than privileged as I found myself sat in the front row behind members of Julie's family for this performance and hearing their...

Peter Randall-Page - Upside Down and Inside Out

Bob Chaundy  4.09.2014
Peter Randall-Page's sculptures can be found all over the world. At home, he is represented in the permanent collections of The Tate Gallery...

Present Iranian Art at Debut Contemporary

Lorenzo Belenguer  3.09.2014
An interesting and necessary alternative view. Sassan appropriates images and transform them with the use of more familiar elements of...

Graffiti Dead? Not a Chance! Long Live Graffiti!

Olly MacNamee  31.08.2014
Next Saturday is more than just another showpiece. It is a celebration of an art form still in its infancy really, with plenty of potential...

The Paintings of Beryl Bainbridge, Somerset House

Victoria Sadler  27.08.2014
This exhibition from the Cultural Institute at King's College London offers a fascinating insight into a creative mind. Well known for...

13 Irish Acts to See at Electric Picnic, August 29-31

Peter McGuire  27.08.2014
Pet Shop Boys, Portishead and Beck are some of the big draws at this year's sold-out Electric Picnic but, as usual, there's also a strong...

Life in the Arts Lane - Week 87 - Bruton and Chard, Art and Black Pudding

Thomas Woodham Smith  27.08.2014
It is a very exciting thing for the locals to have a thriving art gallery in their midst and it is the buzz of the town, and beyond. The...

Regardless of GCSE Results There's Now a Real Opportunity for Educational Reform

Charlie Rigby  27.08.2014
GCSE results alone provide a narrow and confusing measure of success with no real consideration of the overall benefits to children of...
Disability - No Longer at the Fringe of the Fringe

Disability - No Longer at the Fringe of the Fringe

Jo Verrent  24.08.2014
I'm writing this as I return from my annual trip to Edinburgh's Fringe Festival. I tend to head up for a couple of days each year to catch...

Thoughts from 512 Hours, the Marina Abramović Exhibition

Gabrielle Leimon  23.08.2014
The event had something interesting to say about obedience. If we all went in, no one taking part or listening to direction from Marina...

The Director of Edinburgh Art Festival Talks Culture and Independence

Amah-Rose McKnight-Abrams  20.08.2014
I spoke to festival director Sorcha Carey about what can be expected at the Edinburgh Art Festival this year.