Strictly Come Dancing - Week Five

Gill Alexander | Posted 25.10.2015 | UK Entertainment
Gill Alexander

It was an interesting week for many reasons, not least of which was that Tess had finally cracked and murdered her stylist. We knew this because she wore a rather lovely dress and her hair looked nice.

The Apprentice - Episode Three

Gill Alexander | Posted 22.10.2015 | UK Entertainment
Gill Alexander

Tasked with buying champagne flutes, lace, a mirror, cheese, a galvinized anchor, (yes, really), an inflatable boat - or goat, I didn't quite catch - and, if I heard correctly, animal poo, half the team headed to Calais (not Dublin) and half glumly stayed put in Kent.

'The Apprentice'- Episode Two

Gill Alexander | Posted 16.10.2015 | UK Entertainment
Gill Alexander

Tonight Siralanlordsugar challenged both teams - back to boys versus girls, yawn - to create and market a brand new shampoo. And not just any old shampoo. One with a unique ingredient - cactus seed oil. I shall refrain from making any reference to it being suitable for a bunch of pricks.

Strictly Come Dancing - Movie Week

Gill Alexander | Posted 11.10.2015 | UK Entertainment
Gill Alexander

Anita and Gleb performed the American Smooth to 'Unchained Melody' from Ghost. Gleb is without question the hottest dancer Strictly has ever had and thus caused me to lose concentration and I focused entirely on his muscular arse, so I've no idea if the routine was any good. Soz.

'The Great British Bake Off' - The Loveliest of Lovely Finals

Gill Alexander | Posted 08.10.2015 | UK Entertainment
Gill Alexander

The final of the Great British Bake Off did not disappoint. More than 14million viewers tuned in to see Tamal, Nadiya and Ian bake, among other things, classic British cakes.

Another £12 Billion In Welfare Cuts, But Cameron Cares About The 'Most Vulnerable'

PA/Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 16.04.2015 | UK Politics

David Cameron cares about the “poorest and most vulnerable,” the people “at the bottom end.” That said, should the Tories gain a majority at t...

The Great British Bake Off for Comic Relief

Gill Alexander | Posted 27.04.2015 | UK Entertainment
Gill Alexander

This week we had comedian David Mitchell, actor Michael "I am the most competitive person IN. THE. WORLD." Sheen, Radio 1 DJ Jameela Jamil (I had to google her. Yes, I know. Shut up), and education campaigner but let's face it, better known as the wife-of-Gordon, Sarah Brown.

How Come the BBC Was Right to Show a Rape Scene in Eastenders?

Lykke Scheel Lyons | Posted 14.12.2014 | UK Entertainment
Lykke Scheel Lyons

If you choose to watch the soap with your child, you should be willing and able to discuss any issues the programme brings up, including that of sexual violence. If your child is old enough to understand that the implied rape scenes depict a rape, then she is old enough to be taught that rape does not just happen on an unlit path at night.

First Look: 'EastEnders' Star Leads 'Tumble' Line-Up

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 28.07.2014 | UK Entertainment

The first snap of the ‘Tumble’ line-up has been revealed, showing former ‘TOWIE’ star Lucy Mecklenburgh and her competitors kitted out in thei...

'Strictly Come Dancing' 2014: Who's Getting Their Dancing Shoes On?

Huffington Post UK | Rachel McGrath | Posted 20.08.2014 | UK Entertainment

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ bosses have started confirming the 2014 contestants - but who could be joining the foursome who've already signed up? ...

Kylie, Please Stay - How Miss Minogue Saved 'The Voice'

John Marrs | Posted 14.04.2014 | UK Entertainment
John Marrs

Kylie oozes likeability. She's been the girl-next-door since her Neighbours days and her voice is instantly recognisable, from the sensuous I Believe In You and Chocolate to joy of Spinning Around... I hope Kylie will return for series four but The Voice needs Kylie more than Kylie needs The Voice.

The Hyperreal Resurrection of the New Messiah, Tommy Robinson

Dr Chris Allen | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Politics
Dr Chris Allen

Things have been a little hyperreal of late. It all started three weeks ago with the Damscene conversion of Tommy Robinson and his decision to quit the English Defence League (EDL).

'X Factor' Waves A White Flag

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 13.05.2013 | UK Entertainment

Good news for all you talent contest junkies - 'X Factor' and 'Strictly Come Dancing' may not clash this year. After BBC1's ballroom extravaganza t...

PICTURES: Fighting Giraffes Stun BBC Viewers

Posted 04.03.2013 | UK Entertainment

David Attenborough's New BBC1 Series Africa promised a lot and it delivered with some stunning footage of giraffes fighting. The six part series is...

Doctor Who: The Snowmen

Hilary Wardle | Posted 02.03.2013 | UK Entertainment
Hilary Wardle

There are few tales as heart-warmingly, iconically festive as the traditional story of a lonely young boy who builds a snowman in his back garden, only for it to come to life and lead him on an exciting adventure... to destroy humanity.

No One Should Be Toasting the Writers of Eastenders This Festive Season

Gareth Edmundson | Posted 26.02.2013 | UK Entertainment
Gareth Edmundson

Eastenders is supposed to be a show highlighting the highs and lows of real life. Is this really what real life has become? I don't think it is.

BBC1 Calls For More Of 'The Paradise'

PA | Posted 31.10.2012 | UK Entertainment

'The Paradise' is to return for a second series after BBC bosses commissioned a further run. The period drama, set in the glamorous world of a smar...

Balding Lands Huge Saturday Night Show

PA | Posted 19.10.2012 | UK Entertainment

Clare Balding is to be the host of a new Saturday night BBC1 entertainment show looking to find the country's sharpest mind. The presenter, one of ...

'Strictly' Star Richard Arnold in the Hot Seat!

Emma Pollard | Posted 15.12.2012 | UK Entertainment
Emma Pollard

He was saved in this week's dance off against Johnny Ball by Craig, Darcey and Bruno and now lives to see another week on the Strictly dance floor. In this exclusive interview I catch up with the man we saw rocking Sixties florals and Jedward high quiffs to the max. He's one of the most lovable TV presenters around... it's Richard Arnold!

True Love - Are All Men Cheaters and All Women Weak?

Laura Cress | Posted 18.08.2012 | UK Entertainment
Laura Cress

"I'm sorry" is a phrase that gets used in BBC 1's four part series True Love twice in two episodes - and both times it's used by men to their wives after cheating on them with another woman.

The Apprentice Series 8, Episode 2: Bathtime Blues for Team Sterling

Hilary Wardle | Posted 29.05.2012 | UK Entertainment
Hilary Wardle

This week, the Apprentice candidates had to design a 'useful' household product then pitch it to well known retailers Lakeland and Amazon. It sounds so simple, doesn't it? But bear in mind that these are people who couldn't find their rear ends with both hands, a sat nav and a detailed guide to human anatomy.

EastEnders Boss To Leave Walford

PA | Posted 12.03.2012 | UK Entertainment

EastEnders supremo Bryan Kirkwood - who has overseen the show during its controversial baby-swap plot as well as the death of Pat Evans - is to leave ...

WATCH: 'Get Your Hose Out'

Posted 03.03.2012 | UK

BBC1's flagship Football Focus programme was plunged into panic after an alarm went off during a live broadcast. Sirens started as former Arsenal p...

Why Is Harry Worried About The Queen?

PA | Posted 31.01.2012 | UK

Prince Harry has said he does not believe the Queen can carry out her public duties without the Duke of Edinburgh. Harry suggested that his 85-year...

Tonight's TV Pick: Guess What They Do With MasterChef Food...

The Huffington Post UK | Caroline Frost | Posted 18.03.2012 | UK Entertainment

MasterChef host Greg Wallace has revealed that the judges and rest of the crew tuck into the contestants' culinary offerings as soon as the cameras fi...