Be Kind to Yourself

Why Being Kind to Yourself Is Key to Never Having to Diet

Jacquie Lavin | Posted 10.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Jacquie Lavin

Learn to treat yourself as you would a best friend, in a way that's encouraging, supportive and without blame. Remind yourself of the things that you have already achieved and remind yourself that one bad day doesn't mean that you've blown everything.

Use the Year of the Goat to Bring Out the Best in You

Sloan Sheridan-Williams | Posted 21.04.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Sloan Sheridan-Williams

In the light of Chinese New Year and The Year of The Goat upon us, it seems the perfect time to demonstrate how bringing out your inner goat like tendencies can actually help you achieve the results you want.

Is Taking a Lunch Break for Wimps? The BS Behind the Thinking

Angela Smith | Posted 14.04.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Angela Smith

We all need food and rest, so why do we often completely ignore one of the most important meals of the day - yes lunch? When our concentration is waning and our bodies are calling out for movement, why do we continue to sit chained to our desks, figuratively banging our heads against the brick wall that is our work?

The Decision for Precision

Malcolm Levene | Posted 12.04.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Malcolm Levene

My OCD is about being Over Consciously Detailed. In effect, what that means is, nothing is ever quite good enough. Well, that's not true. It means I'm too fussy for my own good. No, let me rephrase that, I'm very particular about my writing and my work.

Surviving Valentine's Day as a Single Person

Maggie Currie | Posted 04.04.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Maggie Currie

Maybe as you are a single person you really don't buy into this sentiment. So how can you survive and keep your sanity? There are so many ways to make sure you enjoy yourself whether on your own or with a good friend.

How to Stop Feeling Tired and Feel Lucky Instead

Anniki Sommerville | Posted 03.04.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Anniki Sommerville

She told me things would improve. She listened. And she never betrayed the fact that she was up to her eyeballs with needy people and their demands. She certainly never let on that this stingy pocket of time was the only time she had to herself.

Tasty Treats, No Calories or Other Sins in Sight!

Susan Leigh | Posted 26.03.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Susan Leigh

These are typically our vulnerable times, the times when we reach for that one reliable friend, the quick fix that sustains us and never lets us down. It's often only later that we berate ourselves for being weak and picking the 'easy' option that's not such a good friend after all.

Say No to January: Be Kind to Yourself

Alice-May Purkiss | Posted 15.03.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Alice-May Purkiss

Every woman I know, at one time or another, has spoken to themselves or about themselves in a way they wouldn't even dream of talking about their loved ones. This is having a massively negative impact on their lives - on our lives. And it has got to stop.