China Builds Chain Of Artificial Island Fortresses In The South China Sea

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 20.02.2015 | UK

China has constructed a series of artificial islands in a hotly disputed area of the South China Sea, 660 miles from the mainland and only 210 miles f...

Chinese New Year in London

David Feng | Posted 20.04.2015 | UK
David Feng

They're selling chocolate bunnies for Easter (already!), but they might also be interested to note that the bunny is also a part of Mid-Autumn Festival in China, as is the full moon and the goddess Chang'e.

In Pictures: Hong Kong Umbrella Movement Reconvenes as Thousands March for Democracy

Tom Grundy | Posted 03.04.2015 | UK
Tom Grundy

Fifty-two days after the main Umbrella Movement 'occupy' camp was cleared, Hong Kong protesters returned to the streets on Sunday for a pro-democracy rally. Organisers say 13,000 took part, whilst police estimated that 6,600 were present.

Peaceful Protesters Left Bloodied As Hong Kong Police Deny Triad Gang Link

The Huffington Post UK/ AP | Posted 04.10.2014 | UK

Hong Kong police have been forced to deny they had any connection to criminal gangs suspected of inciting attacks on peaceful demonstrators after harr...

30 Images Of Rage And Defiance As Ugly Clashes Break Out In Hong Kong

The Huffington Post UK/ AP | Posted 04.10.2014 | UK

Pushing, yelling, tears and rage; hundreds of Hong Kong residents furiously tried to force peaceful pro-democracy activists from the streets they were...

Drones Give Unbelievable View Of Hong Kong Protests

The Huffington Post UK | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 30.09.2014 | UK Tech

A drone has captured incredible footage of the Hong Kong protestors who on Sunday night, brought the city to a standstill. The video shows the she...

Jessica Elgot

Tiananmen Square Activists Had To Be Extremely Clever To Get This Past China's Censors | Jessica Elgot | Posted 04.06.2014 | UK

If you wanted to mark the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre in mainland China today, you had to be pretty clever about it. On Sina ...

Haunting Before And After Pictures Show Tiananmen Square 25 Years After Massacre

The Huffington Post UK | Charlotte Meredith and Elliot Wagland | Posted 04.06.2014 | UK

As the world marks a quarter of a century since Tiananmen Square was turned into a bloodbath, these powerful before and after pictures show the true h...

Search For MH370 Has Been In Wrong Place, Official Admits

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 29.05.2014 | UK

The search for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane appears to be in chaos today after it emerged authorities may have been searching in the wrong pla...

MH370 Families Threaten Hunger Strike Outside Malaysia Embassy

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.04.2014 | UK

Stricken relatives of the passengers onboard the missing MH370 are planning a hunger strike and a protest outside the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing. ...

Jar Of French Mountain Air Sells For £512 In Smog Smothered Beijing

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 10.04.2014 | UK

Some poor desperate soul in smog-smothered Beijing has forked out £512 for some fresh air. Artist Liang Kegang returned from a business trip in so...

Iconic British Chain Bought Out By Chinese Conglomerate

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 04.04.2014 | UK

A Chinese conglomerate has bought nearly 90% of iconic British department chain store House of Fraser, it has been announced. Nanjing-based Sanpowe...

Search For MH370 Reveals 122 Objects In Area 'Size of Singapore'

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 26.03.2014 | UK

Malaysia has identified 122 objects in an ocean area roughly the size of Singapore, which it says could be part of the missing MH370 flight that inves...

'I Have A Bomb In My Ass': File Under Things Not To Say In An Airport

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 21.03.2014 | UK

An impatient passenger has been detained for five days after telling staff at Beijing International Airport he had a bomb in his rectum. He did no...

China Stabbing Attack Blamed On Separatists (PICTURES)

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 02.03.2014 | UK

China has blamed separatists terrorists for the massacre of 29 people at a train station, in a frenzied stabbing attacks by a group with long knives. ...

Beijing Bride And Groom Pose In Gas Masks In China Smog

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 28.02.2014 | UK

The bride wore a flowing white gown with a beaded bodice, the groom a dapper black suit with a slim tie. So far, so traditional. And then there are th...

Could Giant Domes Protect Beijing From Air Pollution 'Nuclear Winter'?

Huffington Post UK | Posted 28.02.2014 | UK Tech

Beijing is a massive, intoxicating metropolis - sadly, often literally. The Chinese megalopolis has fought many notorious recent battles with air p...

Chinese Police Wrestle CNN And BBC Reporters Outside Trial Of Activist

The Huffington Post UK | Jessica Elgot | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK

CNN has been blocked in China after cameras captured police "kicking, punching and pushing" a reporter who was covering the trial of a human rights ac...

Warhol, To China And Back: The Art Market Changes Forever

Michael Frahm | Posted 22.03.2014 | UK Entertainment
Michael Frahm

As a fascinating parallel export, Warhol's art itself can be seen as a strong foreshadowing of Chinese contemporary art; consider his 1972 Mao, which aligned itself to the legacy of his other numerous "celebrity" portraits, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.

China And Japan Both Accused Each Other Of Being Like Lord Voldemort

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK

In an atmosphere more tense than Griffindor-Slytherin Quidditch final, China and Japan's ambassadors are battling out their country's differences in t...

Designer Jonathan Riss: The Modern Day Renaissance Man Behind Label Jay Ahr

Ingrid Chua | Posted 07.02.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Ingrid Chua

Belgian- born designer Jonathan Riss has always had a proclivity for beautiful design and intricate detail. At 18, he had wanted to become an architect and contemplated on a move to New York. Ever the artistic nomad though, he disliked the thought of being geographically static while going through formal education. And so he travelled- to learn.

Lucky Chinese Premier...

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 03.12.2013 | UK

Lucky old Li Keqiang. Invite the prime minister of Great Britain over for dinner, and get a biography of Margaret Thatcher and William Hague's boo...

Knowledge and Networks Are the Key to Unlock British Business With China

Oliver Shiell | Posted 01.02.2014 | UK
Oliver Shiell

The message from Beijing is clear: the all-important political will that is so evidently present from Downing Street must be met with an enhanced commitment from Britain's business community.

Is there a Beijing bubble?

Mark Oaten | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK
Mark Oaten

These economists argue that there is no need for GDP to run at seven plus percent. Instead, they want to invest in trying to create a workforce doing a more manageable week. A 9-5 working day is practically non-existent, as are holidays. For example, I've often met Government officials on a Sunday.

EU Must Seize Landmark Summit to Frame Long-Term Vision With China

Dirk Jan van den Berg | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Politics
Dirk Jan van den Berg

The 2013 EU-China Summit takes place on Thursday 21st November in Beijing on the 10th anniversary of the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two. This high level meeting is especially crucial for Europe, not least given that it is the first since the landmark Chinese leadership transition in March.