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Want a Real Budget for the Next Generation? Tax Carbon, Not Carbonated Drinks

Piers Telemacque | Posted 19.03.2017 | UK Universities & Education
Piers Telemacque

It's a weird priority. Does Osborne seriously believe that in thirty years' time he could have had George Jr. Jr. bouncing on his knee, asking him "Why didn't you take action Grandpa? The science was clear for decades. The warning signs were there. Why didn't you do something about fizzy drinks?" Our Chancellor told us that this was a Budget for the next generation. If he meant it, he'd tax carbon, not carbonated drinks.

The UK and the US Should Not Release Their Strategic Oil Reserves

George Chondrakis | Posted 04.06.2012 | UK Politics
George Chondrakis

The UK and the US, along with France and Japan, are currently debating the release of their strategic oil reserves. This is in response to rising oil ...

Is More Oil a Good Thing?

Christina Robert | Posted 20.11.2011 | UK
Christina Robert

For those of us who choose 'happy' - the split between business and the environment is no longer tenable. We need one story; one future that we all commit to together. Is it time for a "Get The Story Straight" campaign? Are you in?

Give it Back! Direct Citizen Oil Dividends in Iraq, Why Not?

Johnny West | Posted 16.11.2011 | UK
Johnny West

Direct oil dividends could target lots of economic and developmental goals -- redistribution, financial inclusion, poverty elimination, state cohesion, extending the tax base - a whole lot of things.

'Hey, Leonardo, what about Peru?'

David Hill | Posted 02.11.2011 | UK
David Hill

The Observer recently reported that Leonardo DiCaprio, Desmond Tutu and Mikhail Gorbachev, among others, are backing Ecuador's 'Yasuni-ITT' plan to fo...