Blood Transfusion

Blood Donors Gave Me The Chance To Be A Mum

Charlotte Wise | Posted 21.02.2017 | UK Parents
Charlotte Wise

I had slumped down in a chair and was unaware of the commotion, as a swarm of doctors and midwives surrounded me and hoisted me up onto a bed. A short time later, I opened my eyes to find myself breathing through an oxygen mask and shaking uncontrollably. All I could hear repeatedly were the words, 'We need blood!'

Judge Bans Naming Of Jehovah's Witness Who Died In Hospital Having Refused Blood Transfusions

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 26.02.2014 | UK

A High Court judge has made an order preventing journalists naming a dead woman. The woman - a Jehovah's Witness who died early on Wednesday at a hosp...

We Need to Look Beyond the Victorian View of Doctors and Nurses

Wendy Purcell | Posted 04.12.2012 | UK Universities & Education
Wendy Purcell

We still have a Victorian view of those who choose a career in health and think just of being a doctor or a nurse as they're the people we see when we visit our GP or go into a hospital. But there is very much another professional group to choose if your choice is to help people with illness retain their health or at least manage their condition.

Should Gays Donate Blood? Yes

Dr. Peter Ferentzy | Posted 29.11.2011 | UK Politics
Dr. Peter Ferentzy

Recently, Britain has taken another step toward accepting homosexuals as citizens with a right (and a duty) to participate as other citizens do. A gay man will be allowed to donate blood, as long as he has not had sex with another man for one year.