Bobby Jindal

US Gun Control

Clive Norman | Posted 08.10.2016 | UK
Clive Norman

For many years now we have been watching aghast at the US gun laws. Granted we here in the UK only tend to hear the more alarmist examples of multiple...

Another Mass Shooting Hours After Obama Describes 'Frustration' At Gun Ownership Law

The Huffington Post UK/AP | Jack Sommers | Posted 24.07.2015 | UK

A gunman killed himself and two others in a packed Louisiana cinema just hours after Barack Obama said the failure to restrict gun ownership was his b...

Boris Clearly Doesn't Think Much Of 'No-Go Zone' Claims About London

The Huffington Post UK | Ned Simons | Posted 13.02.2015 | UK Politics

London mayor Boris Johnson has mocked Bobby Jindal for talking "complete nonsense", after the Republican governor of Louisiana claimed there were "no-...

A Handy Cheat Sheet For Republican Presidential Hopefuls Visiting The UK

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 13.02.2015 | UK Politics

London has become the elephant’s graveyard. It’s the place where Republicans go to die. In less than a month, three of the GOP’s main preside...

France DOES Have No Go Zones, Insists Nigel Farage

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 22.01.2015 | UK Politics

Amid threats from the mayor of Paris to sue Fox News for “insulting” it’s image, Nigel Farage has stepped forward to fan the flames over the ong...

Tweeter Nails Obama Critic Over Seriously Awkward Grammar Fail

The Huffington Post UK | Louise Ridley | Posted 21.01.2015 | UK

US Republican governor Bobby Jindal tried to provide some snarky commentary on President Obama's 2015 State Of The Union speech, by quipping he could ...

Reporter Takes Apart Top US Politician Who Thinks He's An Expert On UK 'No-Go Zones'

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 20.01.2015 | UK Politics

Fox News may have issued a series of groveling apologies after suggesting England and France had “no go zones” where only Muslims are allowed and ...

Accurate, Authoritative And Wrong

The Huffington Post UK | Christopher York | Posted 08.11.2012 | UK Politics

The dust has barely settled on the US 2012 Elections yet already speculation as to who will head the 2016 Republican charge is rife. A number of na...

Who Will Be Running for the Republicans in 2016?

Nick Purves | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Politics
Nick Purves

Following on from looking at who will be running for the Democrats in four years time, these are some of the likely Republican contenders in the event of a Romney loss.