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Devious Manipulations, Dishonest Politics, Border Security And Theresa May

Chris Hobbs | Posted 04.05.2017 | UK
Chris Hobbs

Issues around border controls linked to terrorism, 'traditional' criminality, migration, immigration, national security and even queueing times should, as far as is possible, be in the public domain especially around election time. Delaying or redacting reports other than in extreme circumstance where there is a real risk to national security, is cheating the electorate. It's as simple as that.

The Myth Of Post-Brexit Strong Borders, The Deceit Of Remain And Brexit Politicians

Chris Hobbs | Posted 08.02.2017 | UK Politics
Chris Hobbs

Doubtless both the 'Remainers and Brexiteers' will ignore the very real issues stated above while, if asked to comment, the Home Office will produce its usual bland spin along the lines of; 'the Home Office is committed to strong borders and we are confident we have the resources to cope with all eventualities post Brexit.'

Denigrated and Vilified By Their Own Government, British Police Brace Themselves Post-Paris

Chris Hobbs | Posted 16.11.2016 | UK Politics
Chris Hobbs

In London the simple fact is that the armed police 'jam' does not cover the slice of bread that is one of the world's major cities and does not even begin to lightly smear much of the loaf that is the UK. Meanwhile, the increase announced by the government in the numbers of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ officers together with increased funding is a bittersweet pill for struggling police officers on the front line to swallow...

Sousse, Cameron's 'Back the Police' and Embittered UK Law Enforcement

Chris Hobbs | Posted 30.06.2016 | UK Politics
Chris Hobbs

Doubtless when the worst happens, be it in weeks, months or years, we'll again have to suffer crocodile tears and bold statements from a government that will nevertheless be held responsible by the front line law enforcement community for its failures, as set out above.

'They Were Lucky' - Afghan Immigrants Rescued From Dinghy

PA | Posted 28.06.2014 | UK

Nine suspected illegal immigrants had to be rescued when they became stranded on a small power boat in the English Channel. Their rigid inflatable ...

Computer Glitch Causes Long Airport Queues

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 30.04.2014 | UK

Airline passengers faced disruption on Wednesday night after an IT glitch resulted in extended queues at immigration desks. Lengthy queues have alr...

This Chap Has Travelled A Long Way To Heathrow, Inside A Sock

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 04.02.2014 | UK

Thirteen "incredibly rare" iguanas that had been stuffed into socks by smugglers have been seized by a customs team at Heathrow Airport. The endang...

Child Stowaways Found Locked In Refrigerated Lorry On Way To UK

PA | Posted 05.02.2013 | UK

Four children endured several hours locked in a refrigerated lorry in a failed attempt to smuggle them into Britain, the UK Border Force said. The ...

UK Border Force Attacked Over 'Backlog' Of 16,000 Immigration Cases

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 24.01.2013 | UK

An "unacceptable" backlog of more than 16,000 immigrants waiting to hear whether they can stay in Britain has been discovered in a fresh investigation...

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Heartlessness of the Home Secretary

Michael Allen | Posted 01.02.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Michael Allen

Compassion and immigration control have appeared as unreconcilable concepts since Theresa May's appointment as Home Secretary. Ever since she took office in 2010, Ms. May has appeared determined to respond to the tabloids' cries that the UK is letting in too many immigrants.

Multimillion-Pound Cocaine Smuggling Route Smashed

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 05.09.2012 | UK

A multimillion-pound cocaine smuggling route between South America and the UK has been closed down, the Border Force has said. Officers believe the...

Fake Olympic Flags Seized At Heathrow Airport

PA | Posted 20.07.2012 | UK

Thousands of fake Olympic flags have been seized at Heathrow airport. The haul of around 10,000 flags displaying the Olympic rings on a white backg...

PHOTOS: Thousands Of Faked Olympic Goods Seized

PA | Posted 08.06.2012 | UK

Thousands of fake Olympic goods have been seized at ports and airports across the UK in the run-up to next month's Games, the Border Force said today....

Border Force Foil £2m Drug Smugglers

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 23.05.2012 | UK

Two attempts to smuggle drugs, including nearly 80lb (36kg) of heroin, into the UK have been foiled by Border Force officials. A Czech lorry was he...

Airlines Talk Of "Frustration" Over Heathrow Border Chaos

The Huffington Post UK | Chris Wimpress | Posted 15.05.2012 | UK Politics

Airline and airport operators have rounded on the UK Border Force, saying the recent lengthy queues for passengers entering the country at Heathrow wa...

Which Airport Is Being Blighted With Queues Over Bank Holiday?

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 05.05.2012 | UK

Passengers at Stansted Airport faced "unacceptably long" immigration queues at the beginning of the Bank Holiday weekend. Hundreds of disgruntled p...

Jamaican Woman Found With Big Cocaine Stash At Gatwick

PA | Posted 14.06.2012 | UK

Cocaine worth almost half a million pounds has been seized at an airport by UK Border Force officers. Officials working for the UK Border Agency at...

Still Not Fit For Purpose: UK Border Agency To Be Broken UP

The Huffington Post UK | Chris Wimpress | Posted 20.02.2012 | UK Politics

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) is to be broken up after further revelations of relaxations of checks on immigrants to Britain, Theresa May has told the C...

Germans Arrested In Dover Weapons Alert

PA | Posted 27.01.2012 | UK

Two German men are still being questioned by investigators after sparking a security alert which temporarily shut one of the main gateways to Britain....

UK Border Staff Return To Work After Brodie Clark Row

PA | Posted 19.02.2012 | UK Politics

Two senior officials suspended during the border checks row have been reinstated, MPs have been told. Graeme Kyle, the border force's director of o...

Decisions To Refuse Visas To Britain Regularly Overturned, Report Finds

PA | Posted 17.02.2012 | UK Politics

More than three in five decisions to refuse family visas to those wanting to come to the UK from New York were overturned by managers before going to ...

UK Border Agency Report Leaked And The Contents Ain't Pretty

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 16.02.2012 | UK Politics

A report on the UK Border Agency, due to be published on Monday, has been leaked to the Sunday Times newspaper a day early, and suggests that delays a...

Oh My Ghosh - Theresa May's Account Of Border Row Backed By Top Official

The Huffington Post UK | Chris Wimpress | Posted 22.11.2011 | UK Politics

The most senior official at the Home Office, Dame Helen Ghosh, has fully backed Theresa May's account of the UK Border Fiasco. The row led to the sus...

Analysis: Where Does The UK Border Row Go Next?

The Huffington Post UK | Chris Wimpress | Posted 15.11.2011 | UK Politics

Brodie Clark will no doubt be quite satisfied with his attempts to demolish the credibility of Theresa May during his appearance before the Home Affai...

Labour Claim Passengers On Private Jets Didn't Have Passports Checked At All

The Huffington Post UK | Chris Wimpress | Posted 14.11.2011 | UK Politics

Theresa May is coming under further pressure after Labour obtained figures indicating the scale of the relaxation of checks at the UK Border Agency ov...