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Logan's 15 Rating, And Watching Movies Underage

Pat Higgins | Posted 09.03.2017 | UK Entertainment
Pat Higgins

A friend of mine was recently worrying about his 14 year-old son wanting to go and see Logan, and the growing realisation that there was probably prec...

The Film Censor Hangs Up His Scissors

David Cooke | Posted 26.02.2017 | UK Entertainment
David Cooke

Will I miss being 'Chief Censor'? I have managed to retain my love of film, going on the weekends throughout my time at the BBFC, so this I'm sure will continue... I have been privileged to work so closely with so many films, their makers, distributors, exhibitors and of course the BBFC employees who work to classify these compelling artworks.

Jurassic World: Why We Have 12A and What It Means

David Cooke | Posted 24.06.2016 | UK Entertainment
David Cooke

Films at 12A can contain a wide variety of issues, which in turn reflects what many child experts, parents and the media say about children at the pre-teen age; their interests, personalities, likes and dislikes; are extremely varied at this point on the way to adulthood.

21st Century Porn and Victorian Ethics

Lorna Acqua | Posted 01.04.2015 | UK
Lorna Acqua

In 21st century Britain female sexuality is constantly under attack with displays of sexual assertiveness still deemed slutty, laddish and uncouth. Women are constantly judged on how they carry themselves from their social behaviour to their clothing choices.

"Horror For Kids" and the Poltergeist Remake

Pat Higgins | Posted 31.03.2015 | UK Entertainment
Pat Higgins

A while back, I was asked by a horror fan who had never seen the movie whether it would live up to his expectations. I was about to answer an enthusiastic 'yes' when I paused; all of my experiences of Poltergeist are filtered through having first seen it in my early teens.

Misogyny On The Web Hits New Low With Sports Website's 'Rape Gallery'

PA | Posted 17.07.2014 | UK

Users of a sports website were encouraged to post pictures of women they wished to sexually assault to a "rape gallery" and describe what they would d...

Film Education: How It Looks to the Under-18s

David Cooke | Posted 09.08.2014 | UK Entertainment
David Cooke

Our research allowed us to ask: Do teenagers feel the same as their parents about big issues facing them? How do they think about representations of drugs misuse, dangerous behaviour, or the sexualisation of younger people in the media? How do young people use the age ratings system (they do!) in a multi-platform landscape?

Maintaining Public Trust in Film Classification

David Cooke | Posted 14.03.2014 | UK Entertainment
David Cooke

We believe that public consultation is crucial to continued public trust in what we do. Our new Classification Guidelines reflect explicitly concerns raised by the public during the 2013 consultation and will, I believe, ensure that we continue to be in step with what the public wants and expects in order to make sensible and informed viewing decisions.

From Silent Screen to Smart Phone: Classifying Content in the 21st Century

David Cooke | Posted 01.11.2013 | UK Entertainment
David Cooke

Today the BBFC becomes the new regulator of mobile content, replacing the Independent Mobile Classification Body, which had regulated this content since 2004. From 2 September, the BBFC will provide the UK mobile network operators EE, O2, Three and Vodafone, with a new independent Classification Framework for content accessed via their mobile networks.

Insight in the Shadows

David Cooke | Posted 30.03.2013 | UK Entertainment
David Cooke

Shadow Dancer, though actually filmed in part in Dublin, also brings back the voices, streets and colours of Belfast, which I remember so fondly.

'Gay Jesus' Film Corpus Christi Sparks Complaints - Even Though It Doesn't Exist

PA// | Posted 26.12.2012 | UK

A film portraying Jesus and his disciples as gay men has caused ripples of anger and complaints to the film classification board - even though it does...

Reflections on the Hunger Games

David Cooke | Posted 24.06.2012 | UK Entertainment
David Cooke

The Hunger Games is a film which prompts reflection and invites comment. Given our central concern for child protection, what has the experience of classifying it been like?

'Too Scary' Alton Towers Ride Rated Unsuitable For Kids

Huffington Post UK | Posted 19.03.2012 | UK

For the first time in its history, the British Board of Film Classification has been called in by Alton Towers for advice on a new underground ride. ...

History Isn't Bunk, Mr Ford!

David Cooke | Posted 12.03.2012 | UK Entertainment
David Cooke

Inspired by a recent dinner with the author, I am reading, or rather listening to, my friend Jonathan Powell's second memoir of No 10, The New Machiavelli. Just as he did at Oxford, as a diplomat in Washington, and as Tony Blair's Chief of Staff in Downing Street, Jonathan writes well, and with a light touch.

Calling the Shots Online

David Cooke | Posted 13.02.2012 | UK Entertainment
David Cooke

Since October we've seen a number of new initiatives about how we and our families navigate the internet. The Bailey Review, published in June, recommended, among other things, that it should be easier for parents to block adult and age-restricted digital material.

Learning From the Next Generation

David Cooke | Posted 15.11.2011 | UK
David Cooke

Teenagers are often ahead of the curve on the burning issues of classification. Their strong views on discriminatory language in films and their concern about anti-social behaviour in films and TV, for example, foreshadowed our recent Guidelines research and independent study into the use of racist and homophobic language and other discriminatory terms relating to disability.