Spit It Out - The Essence Of Buddhist Desire

Daniel Williams | Posted 31.07.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Daniel Williams

I have been away for a while. Away from civilisation (to an extent), technology, work, and news - all the stuff that tends to come with civilisation. Last year I ordained as a Buddhist monk for about six months and until the beginning of the year have been living in forests in small Kutis in Thailand.

Your Body Is The Messenger

Jane Fuller | Posted 01.06.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Jane Fuller

How we move - how we walk - our subtle body language is controlled by our subconscious mind. People will read your body language at a subconscious level. So make sure you're giving out the right message and remember dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.

No News Is Good News

Charles Howe | Posted 14.04.2017 | UK
Charles Howe

I'm not saying we should ban news or stop sharing views but let's not overload ourselves with it. There's a lot of good going on, problems being solved, people doing great work. Maybe I'm being naive but I do think we should try and enrich our lives with more optimistic, productive information rather than despair.

Finding your Zen | Interior and Exterior

Rae Duke | Posted 10.06.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Rae Duke

The term that best encapsulates the dots I am trying to join up here - spirituality and home design - is well being: that is our 'elephant'. Whether it's the thread count of the Egyptian cotton sheets you're sleeping on, your newfound yoga addiction, or unquenchable prayer/meditation habit that keeps you sane, we're all essentially doing the same thing when it comes to these lifestyle choices.

Top Five Hong Kong Sights and Experiences

Richard Brownlie-Marshall | Posted 02.05.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Richard Brownlie-Marshall

It was my first time to Hong Kong and I didn't really know what to expect before arriving. After taking a quick trip to Google, the city appeared as tall buildings, bright lights and a scattering of boats.

The Buddha of Absolute Freedom

Karen Dobres | Posted 16.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Karen Dobres

A long time ago I read a story briefly featuring someone called 'The Buddha Of Absolute Freedom'. Not a central character, but one who momentarily connected with the hero of the story to show him the way on his journey.

What Kind of Happiness Are You Seeking?

His Holiness Karmapa Thaye Dorje | Posted 12.06.2015 | UK Lifestyle
His Holiness Karmapa Thaye Dorje

How much do we really know about happiness? From a Buddhist perspective, all sentient beings, including animals, seek happiness. We have a subconscious instinct to seek happiness - even though many of us don't have a clear idea what it is, or how to achieve it...

200-Year-Old Mummified Monk 'Is Still Alive' According To Experts

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 05.02.2015 | UK

A 200-year-old monk found mummified in Mongolia is not dead but in a deep state of meditation according to high level Buddhists. The body was confi...

Louise Ridley

The Monk Who Gave Up Acting With Laurence Olivier To Lead Buddhism In Britain's Prisons

HuffingtonPost.com | Louise Ridley | Posted 25.11.2014 | UK

Throughout November, The Huffington Post UK is featuring its Beyond Belief series, chronicling the remarkable lives of Britons who've taken on their f...

Planet Appetite: Culture, Comfort and Joy in Sri Lanka

Rupert Parker | Posted 09.12.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Rupert Parker

Sri Lanka is a popular holiday destination, with most people visiting the West Coast, but my trip takes me to the East and Central Highlands, home of the country's "Cultural Triangle".

British Tourist Deported From Sri Lanka Over Buddha Tattoo Says Authorities 'Haven't Shown Much Compassion'

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 24.04.2014 | UK

A British tourist who will be deported back to London for having a Buddha tattoo on her arm has complained the Sri Lankan authorities have not “show...

British Tourist To Be Deported From Sri Lanka Over Buddha Tattoo

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 23.04.2014 | UK

A British tourist has been detained in Sri Lanka for having a Buddha tattoo on her arm and will be deported. According to a police statement, the ...

PICTURES: Cheeky Naked Buddha Stunt Backfires

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK

The food at this Chinese restaurant is so damn good it even tempted Buddha himself to scale the walls for a bite. Well that’s apparently how two...

Brahmacharya, China, and Me

Stephen Ewashkiw | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Stephen Ewashkiw

I am currently cycling through China and this kerfuffle over a shopping bag has got me thinking about what brahmacharya means to me, and also how a lack of brahmacharya has dramatically affected China.

QUIZ! Who Said It: Ed Miliband Or Buddha?

The Huffington Post UK | Andrea Mann | Posted 04.07.2013 | UK Comedy

Tom Watson wrote in his resignation letter to Labour leader Ed Miliband: "I’m proud of your Buddha-like qualities". By that, Watson meant Miliban...

Sex Scandal & Money Laundering Probe For Thai Buddhist Monk Filmed On Private Jet

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 04.07.2013 | UK

A Buddhist monk, who caused controversy after he was filmed travelling on board a private jet, has had his assets frozen and is at the centre of a sex...

Thai Buddhist Monks Criticised As Private Jet Footage Hits YouTube (VIDEO)

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 18.08.2013 | UK

A group of Thai Buddhist monks have been criticised after footage of them aboard a private jet, wearing earphones, sunglasses and travelling with a Lo...

Wars of Words Are Violent, Too

His Holiness Karmapa Thaye Dorje | Posted 30.06.2013 | UK
His Holiness Karmapa Thaye Dorje

The so-called war of words involving North Korea, South Korea and the United States, raises an important question for our time: how do we define violence? Many people have pointed to the threat of violent conflict, but I believe that it has already taken place. In Buddhism, violence is thought of not just as physical action, but in terms of our thoughts and words as well.

Einstein's Brain and the Question of Consciousness in Defying Depression

Tony Lobl | Posted 20.01.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Tony Lobl

My friend remarked on how he'd had the top medical care and had taken almost 10,000 pills in the eight years between the doctor's diagnosis and its reversal. Yet that time was still filled with such mental and physical lows that he frequently felt suicidal.

What We Can Learn From the Dalai Lama

Wakkas Khan | Posted 26.08.2012 | UK
Wakkas Khan

Having had the opportunity to hear from many of the giants of the Muslim world, as well as having heard from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, I was pleased to listen to the 14th Dalai Lama His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso on his recent tour of the UK. His talk aimed at the youth was entitled 'Stand Up and Be The Change', and was hosted by Russell Brand.

Draw Something Picture Of The Week: Wouter 'Wally' De Backer From Gotye

Huffington Post UK | Melanie Hick | Posted 04.07.2012 | UK Tech

Wally from Gotye is this week's Draw Something picture of the week. Wally, the singer of the hit single Somebody That I Used To Know, is a hard one to...