Death Becomes Us: Why We All Need to See Death and Decay

Carla Valentine | Posted 19.03.2015 | UK
Carla Valentine

I've worked with human remains in various guises for over 10 years and the idea of interacting with them, for example at medical museums, is currently particularly contentious.

Mummified Monk Discovered INSIDE Ancient Bronze Statue

The Huffington Post UK | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 23.02.2015 | UK Tech

Mummified remains of a prominent Buddhist master have been discovered inside a bronze statue of Buddha. It's believed that the mummified remains ar...

200-Year-Old Mummified Monk 'Is Still Alive' According To Experts

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 05.02.2015 | UK

A 200-year-old monk found mummified in Mongolia is not dead but in a deep state of meditation according to high level Buddhists. The body was confi...

Terror in the Valley - Hatred Worldwide

Richard Reoch | Posted 25.02.2015 | UK
Richard Reoch

Islamophobia is a global epidemic. The horrific massacre of children and teachers at the Army Public School in Peshawar, in a valley of Pakistan's Khyber Pass, is just the latest in the litany of terror that feeds this mistrust and hatred worldwide.

When the Pope Met the Grand Ayatollah, History Was Made

Sayed Mahdi al-Modarresi | Posted 07.02.2015 | UK
Sayed Mahdi al-Modarresi

Last week, with little fanfare and under heavy security, an historic meeting took place in Rome which marked a turning point in interfaith relations. Inside the 16th century Casina Pio IV villa, home to the Vatican's Pontifical Academy of Sciences, seven clerics representing over five billion people overcame lingering traditions of suspicion to commit to the eradication of modern day slavery by the year 2020.

Louise Ridley

The Monk Who Gave Up Acting With Laurence Olivier To Lead Buddhism In Britain's Prisons

HuffingtonPost.com | Louise Ridley | Posted 25.11.2014 | UK

Throughout November, The Huffington Post UK is featuring its Beyond Belief series, chronicling the remarkable lives of Britons who've taken on...

Tibetan Monk Loses Life's Work On Tube After Posing For Boris Selfie

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.04.2014 | UK

A Tibetan monk, distracted by a selfie with Boris Johnson on the tube, lost his life's work by leaving behind his laptop containing his near-finished...

British Tourist Deported From Sri Lanka Over Buddha Tattoo Says Authorities 'Haven't Shown Much Compassion'

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 24.04.2014 | UK

A British tourist who will be deported back to London for having a Buddha tattoo on her arm has complained the Sri Lankan authorities have not “show...

British Tourist To Be Deported From Sri Lanka Over Buddha Tattoo

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 23.04.2014 | UK

A British tourist has been detained in Sri Lanka for having a Buddha tattoo on her arm and will be deported. According to a police statement, the ...

Sh*t Happens

Matt D Ryan | Posted 15.04.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Matt D Ryan

I love to do my practice but I've managed to break free of that 'must do' mentality as it was driving me round the bloody bend. It was turning good stuff into bad stuff and what was practised to alleviate/manage the suffering actually became a part of the suffering. So some weeks, I'm a six day kind of guy and on others maybe one or two as I've got to do what's appropriate there and then.

PICTURES: Cheeky Naked Buddha Stunt Backfires

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK

The food at this Chinese restaurant is so damn good it even tempted Buddha himself to scale the walls for a bite. Well that’s apparently how two...

Could Buddhism Help Your Business?

Beth Burgess | Posted 05.03.2014 | UK
Beth Burgess

The goal of Buddhism is ultimately to achieve enlightenment, but along the pathway to awakening, there are many useful lessons about how to operate ethically and effectively in the world.

The Dalai Lama Deserves Criticism, Not Adulation

James Snell | Posted 09.02.2014 | UK Politics
James Snell

It is a great insult to the collective intelligence and goodwill of humanity that a man who claims to be the fourteenth reincarnation of a virtually prehistoric Nepalese princeling is granted the attention that he is...

Hey, Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone

Matt D Ryan | Posted 01.02.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Matt D Ryan

Talking of spiritual paths, I was reading a blog post by another teacher the other day who was basically saying that doing yoga for mental or physical well-being was akin to putting square pegs in round holes. I was like, 'Eh? Really?' I was thinking that's exactly why I started Yoga - to sort out my mind.

Brahmacharya, China, and Me

Stephen Ewashkiw | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Stephen Ewashkiw

I am currently cycling through China and this kerfuffle over a shopping bag has got me thinking about what brahmacharya means to me, and also how a lack of brahmacharya has dramatically affected China.

The Dalai Lama Has Been Talking About Marijuana (While Wearing A Giant Mexican Hat)

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK

The Dalai Lama has revealed he supports the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. He made his comments during a somewhat timely visit to Mexico...

British Buddhist Monk 'Assassinated' In China

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 09.10.2013 | UK

A Tibetan- British monk, who set up one of the first Buddhist monasteries in Britain has reportedly been "assassinated" in China. Police in Chengdu...

Can Technology and Meditation Be Friends?

Marc Jacquemin | Posted 07.12.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Marc Jacquemin

Our world evolves at an unimaginable speed. We have become so impatient and demanding, that we even expect that after a few meditation sessions we will be as zen as the Dalai Lama, but the reality is far from there, even if positive changes happen after a few sessions, it takes weeks, before we start to really notice the benefits.

15 Indian Inventions and Discoveries That Shaped the Modern World - Part 3:

Abhaey Singh | Posted 30.09.2013 | UK Tech
Abhaey Singh

In the first two parts of this India Independence Day series, I explained how India shaped our philosophy, gave us modern numerals and instituted pre-Athenian democracy...this instalment will cover five further notable Indian contributions that were well ahead of their time.

Are We Getting the Most From Meditation?

Jessica Brown | Posted 21.09.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Jessica Brown

Meditation has caught the attention of Westerners in recent years, becoming a daily routine for those in search of calmer, healthier, more productive lives. We're told it will calm us down, make us more productive, and improve our memory. It's even been said to make music sound better.

Why I Am No Longer a Christian: There Is No Free Will

Steven Colborne | Posted 11.08.2013 | UK
Steven Colborne

The first thing to make clear is that I have every respect for Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and people of all faiths and no faith. Our beliefs, ...

You Don't Need to Look East to Find Wholeness

Paolo Gambi | Posted 10.08.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Paolo Gambi

Many scholars, marked by the schism between Christianity and postmodernity, respond by exploring other spiritualities. Would it not be easier to simply return to Christian spirituality? This is, after all, the spirituality that shaped the West. All westerners still carry it inside, even if in a hibernated version.

Wars of Words Are Violent, Too

Karmapa | Posted 30.06.2013 | UK

The so-called war of words involving North Korea, South Korea and the United States, raises an important question for our time: how do we define violence? Many people have pointed to the threat of violent conflict, but I believe that it has already taken place. In Buddhism, violence is thought of not just as physical action, but in terms of our thoughts and words as well.

LOOK 'Which Religion Cares Most About The Homeless?': Man Divides Begging Bowls By Faith

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 29.06.2013 | UK

This homeless man may well have the most ingenius ploy of collecting small change we've ever seen. Holding a sign which asks "Which religion cares...

Us & Them: Some Lessons From the Ancient Greeks

Llewelyn Morgan | Posted 21.06.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Llewelyn Morgan

What are we? English? Welsh? British? Are we bothered? Most of the time our "identity", national, religious or whatever, probably isn't at the top of our list of concerns. But sometimes circumstances come along which make us less secure in ourselves, less able to take our place in the world quite so much for granted.