Business Development

Got Money to Burn?

Mark Young | Posted 30.09.2016 | UK
Mark Young

14 years into my journey as business owner I've learned a lot, but never so much as in the last few years. Even back when I started all this and work...

Business Development Must Be Everyone's Concern

Sara Benwell | Posted 28.11.2014 | UK
Sara Benwell

I've recently noticed two key trends in communications. Firstly, more agencies seem to be either hiring a specific person responsible for business development or relying more heavily on 'pitch' teams, and secondly, I've seen more companies asking for reassurance in new business meetings, that the team that they see is the one they will be working with...

Innovate Your Way to Success - Part 1

Dominic Irvine | Posted 04.09.2013 | UK
Dominic Irvine

There is no escaping the need to innovate, changes in technology, consumer trends and what the competition is doing, mean you cannot afford to stand still. You need to be innovative in all aspects of your business, from how you recruit new talent to the products you develop, or even the way in which you manage maintenance.

Innovation Culture is Formed by Personal Values

Ehsan Khodarahmi | Posted 25.07.2013 | UK Tech
Ehsan Khodarahmi

People innovate, people run businesses and people do business with people; people do not want interacting with those who constantly think "what is in it for me" (WIIIFM). No matter how innovative one's business is, if their business culture is based on WIIIFM; failure is guaranteed.

Connecting is not Enough: Why do we Refer Other People?

Andy Lopata | Posted 29.11.2011 | UK
Andy Lopata

What motivates us to take up our valuable time and put our reputations on the line to connect two other people together, often without any discernible personal benefit?