Carbon Capture and Storage

Ensuring A Future For Our Manufacturing Industries Post-Brexit Means Learning To Love Bigger Government: Why Not Start With CCS?

Jude Kirton-Darling | Posted 13.09.2017 | UK Politics
Jude Kirton-Darling

Virtually as she stepped into Number 10, Prime Minister Theresa May indicated a new attitude of the UK's Conservative government towards manufacturing...

The Waugh Zone January 12, 2016

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Waugh | Posted 12.01.2016 | UK Politics

The five things you need to know on Tuesday January 12, 2016… 1) HUNT THE DOCTOR It’s started. The first doctors’ strike in 40 years beg...

The Surprise Death of UK CCS Is the Real Energy Reset

Dustin Benton | Posted 26.11.2016 | UK
Dustin Benton

Of course, CCS may be developed by other countries, and the Treasury is probably hoping that it will prove cheaper for someone else to develop the technology and then buy it in. But, until then, policy will need to deploy renewables at much greater scale, and push industry to transform to become much more resource productive. This will be the real energy reset.

Never Mind Putin - Fracking and TTIP Will Make Idiots of Us All

Martin Whitlock | Posted 20.04.2015 | UK Politics
Martin Whitlock

Officials both in Europe and America, The Guardian reports, are convinced "that the Russians have infiltrated, or are helping to fund, NGOs campaignin...

Man's Best Friend Is Not the Dog - It's the Tree

Paul Brannen | Posted 05.04.2015 | UK Politics
Paul Brannen

As I see it, the strategy should first and foremost focus on the mitigation impact our forests can have in relation to the growing problem of climate change. Secondly, the strategy should focus on the job protection and job creation potential of our forests and the wood they produce.

Capturing the Communications Opportunity for Carbon Capture and Storage

Alastair Turner | Posted 09.09.2014 | UK
Alastair Turner

Much has been made of the potential for carbon capture and storage (CCS) in Europe's evolving energy mix. However, its progress has stalled in recent years with concerns around cost, complexity and potential health and safety risks.

It's Time to Kick-Start Carbon Capture

Chris Davies MEP | Posted 25.11.2013 | UK Politics
Chris Davies MEP

Five years ago the EU looked set to become the world leader in carbon capture and storage (CCS), a process which prevents carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere by storing it deep underground... Yet now, there is little to show for the initial enthusiasm.

Global Warming: Delusions, Hubris and Wishful Thinking

Adnan Al-Daini | Posted 28.06.2013 | UK Politics
Adnan Al-Daini

So, where do we go from here? There is no viable option, it seems to me, but to embrace whole- heartedly the proven technology of the renewable energy route

Do You Know Where Green Electricity Will Come From?

Intelligence Squared | Posted 01.05.2012 | UK Tech
Intelligence Squared

By:Professor Stuart Haszeldine If electricity had a colour then today that would be black, and so would the water circulating in our heating (or cool...

Durban - Success, failure or...?

David Hone | Posted 13.02.2012 | UK
David Hone

After two busy weeks, the Durban COP was extended by a full day and then went well into a second, with long nights of negotiation along the way. Event...

Can Global Emissions Really Be Reduced?

David Hone | Posted 26.01.2012 | UK
David Hone

With delegates, energy/environment  ministers, business representatives and NGO leaders arriving in Durban for COP 17, attention again turns to the pressing issue of actually reducing global emissions.