Brexit Could Be The End Of The Phoney War Over Human Rights - The Real Fight Starts Now

Adam Wagner | Posted 30.05.2017 | UK Politics
Adam Wagner

We have a temporary respite from the "human rights debate" to do the important work of convincing people that human rights laws make the UK a fair, more equal and more just country. That they are a fundamentally British and don't just help the villains we read about in the newspapers. Perhaps then we can finally move beyond Catgate.

Ken Clarke 'Regrets' Language Used In Cat Spat With Theresa May

PA | Posted 06.12.2011 | UK Politics

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke has said he regretted "the colourful language" he used when he accused Home Secretary Theresa May of citing "laughabl...

Cat Fights and Human Rights - Is the Home Office fit for Purpose?

James Welch | Posted 04.12.2011 | UK Politics
James Welch

"I'm not making this up," said the Home Secretary, as she regaled the Tory faithful with yet another folly of the Human Rights Act earlier today: an "illegal immigrant" could not be deported because he had a cat.