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Beauty Blog #6: Hair FAQs

Katy Harrington | Posted 25.03.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Katy Harrington

I used to dread going to the hairdresser, chiefly because the stylist always touched my hair as if it was an envelope marked 'anthrax', rolled their eyes when I asked for 'more blonde' and could barely conceal their laughter when I produced pictures torn from magazines of Kate Bosworth (fair enough).

Helen Flanagan Flaunts New Brunette Locks On Instagram

The Huffington Post UK | Daniel Welsh | Posted 06.03.2014 | UK Entertainment

She's no stranger to the selfie, but we can't help noticing something a little different about Helen Flanagan in her latest Instagram snap. If you ...

The 13 Worst Celebrity Man Buns

Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Entertainment

It's the hair craze that is sweeping the male of the species in celebville - the man bun, or to give it its proper title, the mun. Quite why, we'r...

A Guide to Getting Gorgeous in L.A

Akeela Bhattay | Posted 01.02.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Akeela Bhattay

Angelenos may not be known for fashion forward style, but they are at the forefront when it comes to getting fabulous hair, perfect skin and beautiful nails. Here's a guide on where to get that L.A look.

"Leading" Hair Transplant Clinic: Don't be fooled!

Spencer Stevenson | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Spencer Stevenson

Long gone are the days where the words "hair transplant" would be commonly associated with the iconic image of disastrous dolls plugs. Over the past...

A Letter of Apology to My Hair

Sophie Baker-Britton | Posted 13.10.2013 | UK Style
Sophie Baker-Britton

My hair has been miserable and at times enraged with me but we are in a good place right now. It's time to own my mistakes and say sorry for some of the acts of cruelty I have inflicted on my hair over the years.

Thirteen Years of Iconic Hair

Vikki Geary | Posted 12.10.2013 | UK Style
Vikki Geary

In the 60s it was Mia Farrow's crop; in the 70s it was Farrah Fawcett's feathery blonde layers. By the 80s we were admiring Blondie's choppy fringe, then in the 90s women were asking their hairdresser for 'The Rachel'. But what will go down in history as the most iconic hairstyle of the 00s?

Celebrity Hair: Better Blonde Or Brunette?

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 23.06.2013 | UK Entertainment

Celebrities are like chameleons when it comes to their hair. One minute they're blonde, then the next they're brunette (and even in some cases, pink)....

What We Can Learn From Thatcher's Radio and TV Interviews

Roz Morris | Posted 16.06.2013 | UK Politics
Roz Morris

Mrs Thatcher won three elections in a row - so despite those who always criticised her - she definitely got through to large sections of the British public. And we can all learn some very useful lessons from her commitment to handling media interviews professionally - whatever our political views.

Recognise The Cheerleader?

Posted 07.03.2013 | UK Entertainment

Paris Jackson looks like she's following in her late father's well co-ordinated footsteps as she shows off her moves as a cheerleader. Michael Jack...

Celebs With Pink Hair

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 18.03.2013 | UK Entertainment

Celebs - one minute they're blonde, the next they're brunette, but pink? Well, yes actually, as plenty of stars have been hitting the bottle and da...

Rihanna Gets a Haircut, World Decides to Comment

Hayley Merrick | Posted 11.11.2012 | Home
Hayley Merrick

Rihanna has hit the entertainment news headlines again, this time for cutting her hair - I kid you not - prompting thousands of people to share their opinions on the life or death matter online.

PHOTO: Kelly Osbourne - Or Teletubby?

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 11.09.2012 | UK Comedy

We love Kelly Osbourne! She's our favourite of all the Teletubbies. Sorry: Osbournes. Altogether now: "Tinky-Winky! (Kelly-Welly!)/Dipsy-Wipsy (Ozzy-W...

Celeb Hair Scares

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 22.08.2012 | Home

There's simply no excuse for a bad hair day/week/year (*delete as appropriate) when you've got more cash and stylists than you can shake a hairbrush a...

Guess Who? Nicole Kidman Is Unrecognisable On Set Of The Railway Man

www.mydaily.co.uk | Posted 08.07.2012 | UK Style

We're used to stars having dramatic makeovers (or make-unders) for film roles, but we had to do a double take upon seeing these pictures of Nicole Kid...

Spot The Difference: Lana Del Rey Gets Duchess Kate's Hair

MyDaily | Posted 11.06.2012 | UK Style

We've been envious of Duchess of Cambridge and her picture perfect glossy, long locks ever since her engagement was announced, but we're not the only ...

Rooney Mara, Is That You?

MyDaily | Posted 11.06.2012 | UK Style

Rooney Mara has become famous for her impeccable red carpet style choices and her sleek, raven crop, so it's no surprise that her latest look had us d...

Bring Back The Bob! Sam Faiers Steps Out With New Hair

MyDaily | Posted 27.05.2012 | UK Style

Sam Faiers was snapped leaving the Drake concert last night with hair a lot longer than what we remembered...

Miley Cyrus Shows Off Curled Crop On Fight Night Red Carpet

MyDaily | Posted 26.05.2012 | UK Style

Miley Cyrus hit the red carpet in Arizona last night, for Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night....

Emma Watson Swaps Pixie Crop For Longer Locks On Set Of New Film

MyDaily | Posted 21.05.2012 | UK Style

In the world of Emma Watson, a new film means a new hairstyle....

Rihanna, Is That A Hat On Your Head Or Just A Case Of Bad Roots?

MyDaily | Posted 13.05.2012 | UK Style

After experiementing with a cleavage-flashing jumper over the weekend, we're pleased to report that for once, Rihanna covered up in head-to-toe denim ...

Best Of The Beauty: Hair And Makeup Highlights From The Oscars 2012

MyDaily | Posted 28.04.2012 | UK Style

As well as studying the dresses, we've also been keeping a close eye on the hair and makeup from the Oscars red carpet, plus all the parties that foll...

Hot Or Not: Thandie Newton's Hat-Like Updo

MyDaily | Posted 16.04.2012 | UK Style

Thandie Newton attended the premiere for her latest film, Good Deeds, in LA last night in a gorgeous, golden lace dress by Temperley. However, while w...

Hot Hairstyles From The Baftas 2012 Red Carpet

MyDaily | Posted 12.02.2012 | UK Style

So we've seen all the dresses, but when it comes to red carpet hair, who got it right at this year's Baftas?...

Hot Or Not: Rihanna Goes Blonde

MyDaily | Posted 04.04.2012 | UK Style

As well as tweeting pictures of herself wearing various types of swimwear, Rihanna is also famous her ever-changing hairstyles....