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The Political Parties Should Commit To An Enquiry Into Public Service Outsourcing

John Tizard | Posted 25.04.2017 | UK Politics
John Tizard

It is both interesting and encouraging that senior politicians have already spoken about public sector outsourcing and contracting in the first week o...

Charities Should Pick Up The House Of Lords' Baton

John Tizard | Posted 31.03.2017 | UK Politics
John Tizard

The House of Lords Select report entitled "Stronger Charities for a Stronger Society", which was published earlier this week, provides a huge opportunity for the charity and voluntary and community sector (VCS).

Successful Boards Avoid Artificial Consensus - They Celebrate Diverse Opinions And Robust Debate

John Tizard | Posted 27.03.2017 | UK
John Tizard

Boards play a vital role in the governance and leadership of organisations, and to ensure that they fulfil their remit, they have to be boards with the energy, courage, purpose and intellect to make a difference. Good argument fuels success. Pitiful avoidance of differences and fear of different views will sink even the strongest organisation.

Charities And The VCS Should Get Back To Basics - Pressing Their Case Fearlessly Not Impersonating Outsourcers

John Tizard | Posted 17.03.2017 | UK
John Tizard

The next few years are going to be challenging but they offer the opportunity and, I would contend, the necessity for charities and the VCS to go back to basics and the original purpose and press their cause fearlessly.

Meet Jaye Foo: London Entrepreneur, Musician And Philanthropist raising awareness for disadvantaged aspiring young people challenging the Creative Arts Industry

Joey de Cordero | Posted 14.03.2017 | UK
Joey de Cordero

Mover and Shaker Jaye Foo Frontman Musician of Jaye Funk arrives in London pictured wearing Joshua Kane Bespoke. Photo Credit: Ben Moore Singapore to...

Giving People With Learning Disabilities Access To Work

Judith Elizabeth Davey | Posted 13.03.2017 | UK
Judith Elizabeth Davey

From employers' negative attitudes and views, to limited support in finding jobs, there are many reasons why people with learning disabilities struggl...

Social Care - The Government Must Act To Close The Funding Gap

John Tizard | Posted 06.03.2017 | UK Politics
John Tizard

The current crisis in social care in England (and let's be under no illusions, for 'crisis' is what it is) should come as no surprise. Demand and need for social care, especially but not exclusively, for elderly people, has been rising for many years, and is forecast to grow at accelerating rates for many more years. as it has for younger adults.

Casual Use Of Language Can Dilute Values Especially In The VCS

John Tizard | Posted 01.03.2017 | UK
John Tizard

Many in the voluntary and community sector instinctively and ideologically reject the neo-liberal love of markets and competition, especially in publi...

The Win-Win Of Partnerships Between Businesses And Charities

Lloyd Dorfman | Posted 23.02.2017 | UK
Lloyd Dorfman

Today, The Prince's Trust, which I chair, will launch a new partnership with L'Oreal Paris. It is aimed at increasing the self-esteem of young people ...

Mental Health And Money: Raising Awareness And Finding Support

Philippa Lowe | Posted 14.02.2017 | UK
Philippa Lowe

The cold winter days can be difficult for everyone, and the start of a new year can present its challenges, but thankfully for mental health, the year...

Why Trump Won't Tear Us Apart (In Britain, At Least)

Steve Ballinger | Posted 07.02.2017 | UK Politics
Steve Ballinger

Stopping Trump will be difficult - he is, after all, the elected President of the United States - and it is largely the job of his opponents on the other side of the Atlantic. Making clear what we think of his policies, and their impact on people in the UK and all over the world, is more achievable. Most importantly, we should be more ambitious in defining that 'we'.

For The Sake Of Places And Communities Local Government And VCS Must Be Together

John Tizard | Posted 27.01.2017 | UK Politics
John Tizard

The next few years are going to require some bold and creative solutions to some very challenging problems. These solutions are going increasingly to invented and implemented on a place basis and will be best achieved when local government and the VCS are together promoting and striving for their communities.

Four Things That Will Define Public Policy In 2017

Tom Jeffery | Posted 12.01.2017 | UK Politics
Tom Jeffery

What's going to define public policy in 2017? With a bit of help from the think tanks, here's the top four challenges we've identified at Think Tank Review that will set the tone.

A Shared Society Has To Offer Hope, Opportunity And Social Justice Not Fear, Inequality And Austerity

John Tizard | Posted 10.01.2017 | UK Politics
John Tizard

There is no value in sharing austerity, inequality and hardship. Hope, opportunity and fairness have to be core to a "Shared Society". Theresa May has to turn her rhetoric into tangible policy and funding or else it could follow the "Third Way" and "Big Society" into a pile of cynical trash. Let's see what happens.

'Believe, And You Will Achieve'

Kieran Goodwin | Posted 19.12.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Kieran Goodwin

It has almost been one year since I launched the World Youth Organization at Portcullis House, Westminster and what a year it has been, for all of us here!

Leaders Make Greater Impact When They Are Values Led And Behave Accordingly

John Tizard | Posted 07.12.2016 | UK Politics
John Tizard

A few weeks ago when writing a review of Ed Mayo's excellent book - Values - how to bring values to life in your business" on this Huffington Post sit...

End Of Life Care – Charities Are Filling Government Gaps

Catherine McKinnell | Posted 05.12.2016 | UK Politics
Catherine McKinnell

I was reminded of the valued contribution of the charity sector and its volunteers to end of life care when I recently met with a local Marie Curie Helper volunteer, who was providing incredible support and companionship to a constituent affected by a terminal illness.

Forget Christmas Shopping, It's Time To Focus On Truly Giving Back This December

Rachel Moss | Posted 05.12.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Rachel Moss

giving back.jpgThe project aims to ensure no elderly person is forced to spend Christmas day alone by arranging events for local people on the 25th December. With new research by AgeUK revealing nearly a million older people feel lonelier at Christmas compared to the rest of the year, the project has never been more needed.

Why The Charity Sector Needs To Innovate - And Fast

Ollie Boesen | Posted 25.11.2016 | UK
Ollie Boesen

You'd have to have been hiding in a fairly deep hole to have missed everything that's gone on this year. 2016 has seen significant tension surface in a number of western countries, and the political drama that has unfolded has been of the sort usually reserved for history books and Hollywood.

Our Nation's Older People Are Being Abused. Here's What You Can Do To Stop It

Gary FitzGerald | Posted 24.11.2016 | UK
Gary FitzGerald

There's a minority in this country that is often targeted by criminals simply because of who they are. They are targeted by scammers who seek to swi...

Charities Matter And Their Chairs Are Important - Never Make The Wrong Appointment Or Hold On To The Wrong Person

John Tizard | Posted 17.11.2016 | UK
John Tizard

Charities play a vital role across society and the economy. They must be well led by their chairs as well as their chief executives. How a charity ...

Community Social Action Can Build A Great Movement For The Better

John Tizard | Posted 08.11.2016 | UK
John Tizard

Last week, I completed six years as a trustee and board member of navca - the National Association for Voluntary Community Action. During this time ...

Providing Funded Training For Small Charities

Vicki Dawson | Posted 20.10.2016 | UK
Vicki Dawson

Funding is a real issue at the moment for charities. It has always been a challenge to raise money in order to support charitable aims and objectives,...

Values Matter But To Be Real They Must Be Lived

John Tizard | Posted 17.10.2016 | UK
John Tizard

Values matter. They can drive behaviours and performance in businesses, co-operatives, social enterprises, charities, community groups, the public sector and indeed individuals. They differentiate between and tell us much about both organisations and individuals.

People Are Doing Something Wonderful With The New £5 Note

The Huffington Post | Louise Ridley | Posted 22.09.2016 | UK

The new plastic £5 note has gained a lot of attention. Piers Morgan and John Humphrys have chewed on it, and keen scientists have been testing whethe...