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The Invictus Games Will Show Us What Is Possible Through Rehabilitation

Professor Karen Middleton | Posted 20.08.2014 | UK Sport
Professor Karen Middleton

While we will be inspired by what they achieve on the field of play, the NHS should also take inspiration from the process, structures and services that helped get them there... Because while our health service is world class when it comes to saving lives, too often what comes next fails to live up to that standard.

The Government Must Play Fair on Fair Pay for NHS Staff

Professor Karen Middleton | Posted 04.07.2014 | UK
Professor Karen Middleton

Of the countries that remain in the World Cup, I'd be surprised if any has a manager who decided that the best way to get his players to perform was to leave them despondent...

Give NHS Physiotherapy Patients the Same Rights as Those Who Go Private

Professor Karen Middleton | Posted 18.08.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Professor Karen Middleton

We need more community services that those people can access directly for advice, treatment and help with managing their own condition. These services prevent people from having a flare-up of their condition that might require a hospital admission, so it is frustrating that many people across the country do not have access to them.

Why Your Boss Should Help You Find Time For Fitness

Professor Karen Middleton | Posted 05.08.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Professor Karen Middleton

One in five people work through lunch each day, while of those who do take a break, 48 per cent still ate at their desk. It is so important that people take regular breaks and get exercise throughout the day because we weren't designed to sit down, hunched over a desk, for long periods. We were made to move.

Why Incontinence Doesn't Need to be a Taboo Subject

Professor Karen Middleton | Posted 20.07.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Professor Karen Middleton

A poll of about 1,900 women that we conducted with Netmums revealed that half of those who developed incontinence after childbirth had never spoken to anyone about the problem. Only one in three had spoken about it to their partner and just 19 per cent discussed it with a family member.

We Must Tackle the Terrible Toll of Inactivity

Professor Karen Middleton | Posted 10.06.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Professor Karen Middleton

In a survey for the thinktank, 44 per cent of those who are obese said they had no concerns about serious illness due to their weight. But let us be clear: being obese increases a person's chances of, among other things, heart disease, some types of cancer and stroke. That is why, as a nation, we must get more active.

Physiotherapists To Encourage Workers To Exercise

PA | Posted 07.11.2011 | UK

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Workers are being urged to take more physical activity after a new study found more than two out of five people get out of breath...