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Every Child's Right

Anna Kettley | Posted 08.09.2017 | UK
Anna Kettley

Both in the UK and around the world many children are unable to enjoy their rights. A third of UK children are living in poverty without an adequate standard of living, 30,000 are missing from school, one in five children report that they experience mental health issues, and many more are at risk of neglect and abuse.

We Could Not Have Made It Through Without Rainbow Trust Children's Charity

Charmaine Green | Posted 06.02.2017 | UK Parents
Charmaine Green

My ears pricked up; I knew the Marsden was a cancer hospital. The doctor said they believed Ney had Leukaemia. My first reaction was to laugh. I told the doctor they had already wrongly diagnosed Ney and this time I was sure that they'd come back saying they were wrong again.

Response To The Health Visitor Review - Open Letter From I CAN

Bob Reitemeier | Posted 01.09.2017 | UK Parents
Bob Reitemeier

I wrote to Public Health England, urging them to consider the impact the removal of these reviews would have on children with speech, language and communication difficulties:

The Power of Following Your Passion!

Jane Cohen | Posted 14.04.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Jane Cohen

As we know, childhood obesity is on the rise in the UK, and the high cost of after school sports, fitness and dance programs often excludes the people who would benefit from them the most. That's why fitness and dance videos are such invaluable products, bringing valuable instruction to you and your kids, helping you all to stay fit and healthy for a fraction of the cost.