Climate Change Act

New Infrastructure Bill Puts UK Climate Ambition at Risk

Kyla Mandel | Posted 16.03.2015 | UK Politics
Kyla Mandel

The UK's climate change ambition will be in serious jeopardy once the Infrastructure Bill is passed into law. If that's not worrying enough, barely anyone seems to be taking notice.

What's Owen Paterson's Point?

Katie White | Posted 16.12.2014 | UK Politics
Katie White

Owen Paterson over the last few days has laid bare publically the argument he's clearly been pursing privately when he was David Cameron's Environment Secretary. In his view we should scrap the UK's Climate Change Act. Apparently he believes that global warming is man-made, his "issue" is with how we deliver it and specifically onshore wind farms. I'm not sure that really is the case.

Energy Policy Is a Moral Issue Too

Chris Walker | Posted 29.01.2013 | UK Politics
Chris Walker

The bill should help ensure the UK reaches its EU 2020 renewables target. Yet the government have backed out of an essential policy for guaranteeing the long-term direction of our power sector: a decarbonisation target.

The UK Was Leading on Tackling Climate Change - So Why Is the Government Now Failing to Act?

Jane Davidson | Posted 27.01.2013 | UK
Jane Davidson

David Cameron, who once pledged to lead the "greenest government ever", is nowhere to be seen on what I still believe is the most important issue of our times - responding appropriately to the climate challenge.

Energy: Time for the PM to Get Off the Fence

Nick Molho | Posted 07.01.2013 | UK Politics
Nick Molho

It is high time for David Cameron, who made his support to the UK's green sector ever so clear back in 2006, to intervene and bring his government once and for all together in support of a strong Energy Bill. Inter-departmental politicking and coalition in-fighting have been features of the debate around energy within government in recent months, to the frustration of environmental groups, consumer bodies and industry alike.

Michael Rundle

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