'Douche' And 'You Retard' Bottle Caps Force Coca-Cola To Cancel Promotion

Posted 20.09.2013 | UK

Coca-Cola has had to cancel a Canadian promotion after outraged consumers opened bottles to messages including "you retard," and "douche." The disa...

Coca-Cola Apologises To Family For Insulting Bottle Cap

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 19.11.2013 | UK

Coca-Cola has had to apologise to an outraged family after an insulting message was discovered underneath the cap of one of its drinks. Taking a si...

Coke Zero and Pepsi Max: 'Air Is Part of the Recipe'

Alfie Bown | Posted 29.09.2013 | UK
Alfie Bown

Jacques Lacan at the start of his seminar on The Ethics of Psychoanalysis states that desire 'is always desire in the second degree, desire of desire....

Coke Zero Advert Banned For 'Misleading' Viewers With Workout Claim

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 17.07.2013 | UK Lifestyle

A television advert for Coke Zero has been banned for potentially misleading viewers about the amount of exercise needed to burn off the calories in a...

Drinking 10 Litres Of Coca-Cola A Day 'Linked To Mother-Of-Eight's Death'

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 12.02.2013 | UK

A mother-of-eight died had a fatal heart attack after drinking up to 10 litres of Coca-Cola a day, an inquest has heard. The large quantities of t...

WATCH: Coke Zero Ad Gets Men To Be 007 For 70 Seconds

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.10.2012 | UK Comedy

OK, here's the deal. We know the super-smug marketing types who came up with this viral ad campaign for Coke Zero are probably still slapping one anot...

Even James Bond is Changing his Preferred Poison

Alistair Niederer | Posted 24.12.2012 | UK Entertainment
Alistair Niederer

Bond is famous for only ever drinking Martini - shaken not stirred - and yet in this film he only drinks beer. And not just any beer - Bond only drinks Heineken, because they sponsored the production of the movie.

Calling All Students: Careful With Your Caffeine!

Karishma Gadhia | Posted 30.10.2012 | UK Universities & Education
Karishma Gadhia

It's no secret that most students practically live off caffeine. After all, it's always the perfect saviour to these recurring situations at university. But does it ACTUALLY help our ability to concentrate and complete our work? Or is caffeine our most dangerous faux friend?

WATCH: Coca-Cola Ad Shows Unseen Footage From CCTV Cameras

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 26.06.2012 | UK Comedy

Whether you find the video above cute or nauseating is likely to say more about your attitude towards Coca-Cola than it does towards the human race. ...

Responsible Business: Oxygen or Oxymoron?

David Ritter | Posted 30.07.2012 | UK
David Ritter

'Welcome', our gracious host said as I arrived at the 11th Annual Responsible Business Summit in London earlier this month, 'would you like a Coke? They are sponsoring the conference'.

£350,000 Worth Of Cocaine Found In Tubs Of Chocolate

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 14.03.2012 | UK

Thousands of pounds worth of cocaine has been found hidden inside tubs of chocolate at Gatwick Airport. A 16-year-old girl and a woman were detaine...

Blaming Cocaine Users Dodges Policy Responses

Damon Barrett | Posted 22.01.2012 | UK Politics
Damon Barrett

Is demand for cocaine here in the UK and elsewhere contributing to violence and environmental damage in Colombia? Yes. It is nonsensical to deny this. We are all responsible for our own actions. That prohibition makes things vastly worse says nothing about a personal choice made in the knowledge of the damage the drug trade inflicts today.

Britain's Biggest Cocaine Haul Found In Luxury Cruiser

The Huffington Post | Paul Vale | Posted 03.10.2011 | UK

The UK Border Agency has seized a record haul of cocaine, according to the Home Office. More than 1.2 tons were found hidden in a pleasure cruise...