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Why Being Just A Tiny Bit Better... Can Make All The Difference

Johnny Luk | Posted 15.09.2017 | UK
Johnny Luk

I have been pondering about how the world works lately, one of my favourite past times. For example, have you ever noticed there is a pattern of the top 1% of businesses or personalities sucking up all the media profile, funding, and customers, leaving the rest surviving on scrapings and grinding away like bottom dwellers?

Take Our Tough Thomas Quiz & Win The Ideal Toy For Xmas

Phillip Othen | Posted 13.09.2017 | UK Parents

Think you and your little engineer know everything about Thomas and his Friends? Test your knowledge and show how much of a fan your little one is to ...

Why Do Millennials Compete To Be Unhealthy?

Charli Cohen | Posted 13.07.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Charli Cohen

More is more - and we're constantly competing, whether we admit it or not, to be doing the most. The most what, you ask? Well, anything. But in the interest of making this readable in the age of zero attention span (myself included), let's look at two key gauges of "success" in 2017...

Competition Is A Sin

Christopher T.S. Harvey | Posted 10.07.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Christopher T.S. Harvey

Ask most ambitious young professional today what they desire most and the honest (unspoken) answer is inevitably "to be better than anyone else." This direct comparison to others that is instilled in us at a young age, this competition that has become capitalist life, is it helpful?

Is Sibling Rivalry Really So Bad?

Jen Faulkner | Posted 02.07.2017 | UK Parents
Jen Faulkner

Don't get me wrong, my children are very pleased to have siblings, but sometimes I think they'd rather not have them around all of the time. Rivalry between people who share blood is inevitable. Even the most placid of personalities can be riled by those closest to them and as a parent it can be frustrating and upsetting to watch.

Win A Farm-Tastically Fun Weekend For Your Family

Polly Rayne | Posted 02.06.2017 | UK Parents


Romantic Summer City Break Ideas For Couples

Jackie Gallego | Posted 24.05.2017 | UK Lifestyle

Stroll arm-in-arm along tree-lined boulevards, watch the world go by from pavement cafés, or enjoy warm romantic evenings under a glimmering moon. Bo...

Win A Romantic Break For Two In Rome

Polly Rayne | Posted 24.05.2017 | UK Lifestyle

Share a photo of your favourite holiday moment on our photo wall and you’ll be entered into a draw to win a romantic break for two in Rome....

Cap Energy Prices To Uncap The Market

Sheila Lawlor | Posted 12.05.2017 | UK Politics
Sheila Lawlor

'Cap Energy Prices to Uncap the Market', says Sheila Lawlor, Politeia's Director Many free marketeers saw red this week when Mrs May announced that t...

QUIZ: Which Thomas Character Are You?

Jen Barton | Posted 14.06.2017 | UK Parents

When we think back to our childhoods, certain beloved characters from books and television are forever ingrained in our memories. Looking at Thomas & ...

Head To The Sunshine State: Win Flights To Florida

Polly Rayne | Posted 04.05.2017 | UK Lifestyle

If you’re ready for a serious sunshine hit, Florida is the place to be. And it might be time to get planning, because we’re giving away a pair of ...

Everyone Is Out To Get You

Dmitry Bagrov | Posted 05.04.2017 | UK Tech
Dmitry Bagrov

For any company developing mobile and online offerings (which is nearly all of them) it is this approach that they should follow. View competition as defined not just within your industry but also from everyone. Focus on people and benefits, not features and functions. And above all, think through the ecosystem in which your users live in and plan accordingly.

Competition, With Protection For The Most Vulnerable, Most Be Allowed To Deliver For Consumers

Lawrence Slade | Posted 16.03.2017 | UK
Lawrence Slade

We often hear about the "broken" energy market, yet competition is increasing and it is delivering benefits for consumers.

Win One Of Five Family Tickets To Cadbury World

Polly Rayne | Posted 14.02.2017 | UK Parents

Five lucky winners chosen at random will each win a Family Ticket to Cadbury World worth £49.96. Just answer one simple question to enter......

Keeping Up With The Joneses

Natalie Savvides | Posted 27.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Natalie Savvides

Since when did the world get so incredibly competitive? A long time ago many would say. Back in the day! Yes, ok... I know the grass is always greener the other side of the fence, I know, I know, it always has been.

Where Do You Go To Get Great Parenting Advice?

Katie Woodland | Posted 25.01.2017 | UK Parents
Katie Woodland

They can both be super helpful when you need a quick fix of information to deal with a situation in the here and now, but using these to radically transform the way your family is interacting...

When You Just Can't Cope With Your Child Anymore...

Katie Woodland | Posted 20.01.2017 | UK Parents
Katie Woodland

The second thing you need to do is to stop listening to everyone else telling you that you did this, that, or the other thing wrong. You can't change the past (well unless you have a time machine and if you do then I'd love you to give me a call there's a few things I'd like to erase).

Parenting - Who Said It Was Easy?

Katie Woodland | Posted 18.01.2017 | UK Parents
Katie Woodland

In fact, give yourself a break, because not only are you trying to figure out what you want, you're also trying to figure out what another human being wants, when they don't even know themselves...

Why Do Women Judge Each Other And How Do We Stop?

Emma Wood | Posted 11.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Emma Wood

We've all encountered women who are judgemental. I've heard friends say that 'girls are mean' and 'women are bitchy,' and talk of run-ins with other women that left them emotionally or socially devastated. This is baffling to hear. It is 2017 after all, right?

A New Year!

Natalie Savvides | Posted 09.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Natalie Savvides

Crikey - it's so easy to feel a failure isn't it - so easy to look at everyone else with their acts together (or so it appears)... in the gym, glowing faces, bouncing around all over the place - but really is that what's actually going on behind closed doors? Who really knows!?

Why I Support Young Entrepreneurs

Adam Bradford | Posted 23.12.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Adam Bradford

Follow these young people. Back them. Give them all your support. They are going to inherit this earth and all we leave for them.

Optimists: The World Needs You Now

Simon Cohen | Posted 12.12.2016 | UK
Simon Cohen

It's hard being an optimist in 2016. After 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela said: 'Part of being optimistic is keeping one's head pointed toward...

You Can't Stop Disruption - But You Can Learn From It

Chris Wright | Posted 16.11.2016 | UK Tech
Chris Wright

All big technology changes create new opportunities, and create new doors that you never knew existed. You just have to accept that and be open to it. Change, no matter how unsettling, can be turned round to your advantage and can be used to create new businesses that employ new workers, giving them hope for the future.

Win £2,000 To Spend On An Exotic Holiday

The Huffington Post | Polly Rayne | Posted 02.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle


Win £1,000 Worth Of Holiday Vouchers

Polly Rayne | Posted 23.08.2017 | UK Lifestyle