Ravensbourne Incubation - A New Age Of Fashion And Technology Dawns

Brooke Roberts-Islam | Posted 10.03.2017 | UK Style
Brooke Roberts-Islam

Our wearable tech, fashion tech (including smart textiles, wearables and soft robotics) and smart cities future is something I spend a great deal of time thinking about. How will fashion designers influence the wearable tech sector?

One Dress

Lucy Tammam | Posted 22.11.2016 | UK Style
Lucy Tammam

How much power does one dress have? Image credit Justin Lambert The dress - a symbol of woman - oppression, femininity, frivolity.   In reality...

Superhuman - The Ravensbourne Postgraduate Degree Show

Brooke Roberts-Islam | Posted 21.10.2017 | UK Style
Brooke Roberts-Islam

Farid Bin Karim is the first student to graduate from the MSc Wearable Futures degree and has created a body of written work entitled "Couturier and the Art of Survival: a Technologist's Guide". This work is the result of Farid's ambitious attempt to explore the appetite within the 'closed-shop' of couture for current and future technologies.

Join the Revolution!

Lucy Tammam | Posted 20.04.2017 | UK Style
Lucy Tammam

The industry is changing, slowly, and at last consumers are starting to demand change - especially through glorious campaigns like #FashRev and #WhoMadeYourClothes. Really the only way to change the big bad industry is to talk through our purses. If we all start to consume more ethically, and less, then big businesses will have to take notice.

Fashion, Art and Sustainability

Lucy Tammam | Posted 22.03.2017 | UK Style
Lucy Tammam

With the end of Fair Fashion Month, our ethical fashion campaign with Fairphone came the judging for A Sustainable World 2016 - our annual Art competition which attracts applicants from across the world. I was honoured to be joined on the judging panel by my current collaborator from across the pond, renowned vegan artist Dana Ellyn, and London's King of conceptual art Duggie Fields.

Couture Top Ten | Posted 17.09.2014 | UK Lifestyle

With flamboyant designs from Maison Martin Margiela to Jean Paul Gaultier's gothic collection and Dior's white gowns, the most respected couture houses in the business once again pulled out all the stops, expertly hand-crafting every intricate detail for a truly spectacular haute couture week.

Doing Well by Doing Good

Zandra Rhodes | Posted 01.11.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Zandra Rhodes

I am so fortunate to love the work that I do. And, sometimes, it is possible to improve the lives of others through my work. Do let me tell you about some of my recent projects...

Behind the Scenes of Valentino: Master of Couture (VIDEO) | Posted 12.01.2013 | UK Style

Valentino Garavani, known to most simply as 'Valentino', is one of the world's last great living couturiers. The legendary fashion designer has dressed everyone from Jackie Onassis to Princess Marie Chantal of Greece and Julia Roberts.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Illustrator

Andrew Gonsalves | Posted 29.09.2012 | Home
Andrew Gonsalves

The ethos of Joseph's work harks back to a period before celebrity as we know it. Before the cover star of Vogue was a talking point in itself, the magazine covers were illustrated - no faces, famous or otherwise, graced the front page.

V&A's Fashion Galleries Reopen With Spectacular Celebration of British Glamour

Joao Paulo Nunes | Posted 16.07.2012 | UK Style
Joao Paulo Nunes

London's Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) is marking the unveiling of its refurbished fashion galleries on 19 May with the exhibition 'Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950'.

No Window Shopping at the Couture Shows!

Ella Krasner | Posted 22.04.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Ella Krasner

There was one piece in particular that set my heart beating: it was an exquisite diamond and white gold lace cuff, set with 1409 white diamonds - 30.58 carats in total. The price was RR 7 million. I will have to ask Arkady when he's in a good mood!

Mary Katrantzou On The Rise Of Couture

MyDaily | Posted 11.04.2012 | UK Style

Economic forecasts might be on the gloomy side right now but couture is booming. Despite eye-watering price tags - not that you'd be vulgar enough to ...

How to Get Me Going? Just Pick the Right Rubber

Nancy Atkinson-Turner | Posted 10.04.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Nancy Atkinson-Turner

In around October, I, like most women, get excited about my winter boot purchase, my new Marc Jacobs coat, the gloves, hats and even ear muffs I am going to get to drape all over myself. Unlike most of you though I also go to my garage and get out my car's 'winter shoes'.

Best In Show: 50 Amazing Couture Dresses | Posted 28.03.2012 | UK Style

Another season, another round of hand-crafted, high-octane haute couture to feast your eyes on - and the spring 2012 shows certainly gave us a healthy...

Cameron Diaz Goes Girlie In White lace for Valentino show

MyDaily | Posted 27.03.2012 | UK Style

If there's one lady who has been stealing the limelight at couture in Paris this week, it's Cameron Diaz....

Vanessa Paradis And Clemence Poesy Are Queens Of Chanel Chic At Couture

MyDaily | Posted 25.03.2012 | UK Style

The world's most famous fashion editors, supermodels and movie stars flocked to Paris yesterday afternoon which could only mean one thing - it was tim...

Which Downton Abbey Star Has Been Hanging Out At Couture?

MyDaily | Posted 25.03.2012 | UK Style

Jessica Chastain and Cameron Diaz, who appears to have cleared her entire diary for the couture shows in Paris this week, were front-row friends at th...

Fashionista Football Boots? Iris Van Herpen Unveils Spiked Heels

MyDaily | Posted 25.03.2012 | UK Style

Imagine that Lady Gaga or Daphne Guinness or Anna Dello Russo played football, this would be EXACTLY the shoes that they tottered around the pitch in....

Awwww! Jessica Chastain Receives Her Oscar Call At Armani Prive Show

MyDaily | Posted 25.03.2012 | UK Style

Jessica Chastain spent the last twelve months exploding onto our radars with an array of fabulous fashion and even more fabulous onscreen performances...

Golden Globes Beauty; The Only Way Is Hollywood, Classic Nudes With a Touch of Glamour

Lisa Stokes | Posted 17.03.2012 | UK Style
Lisa Stokes

At last night's Golden Globes we saw Hollywood glamour at its best, and guess what? There wasn't a fake strip lash, tattooed brow or hair extension in sight. Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman all chose to play down their classic coutures and enhance their natural beauty with nude make up, healthy skin and tousled shiny locks.

Glitter Amidst the Gloom: Elizabeth Taylor, Jewellery and Image in the Recession

Carin King | Posted 13.02.2012 | UK
Carin King

That the auctions of the late Elizabeth Taylor's possessions began with the world's economy teetering on the brink of another recession was the type of contrast which underlined the separation between a great Hollywood star and the rest of us mere mortals.

Designer Hotels Seize the Boutique Baton

Raconteur Media | Posted 16.11.2011 | UK Lifestyle
Raconteur Media

When fashion designers lend their name and talent to a hotel brand, the resulting style becomes a marketing tool with varying degrees of success or fa...

A Rant About 'Oat' Couture

Philippa Warr | Posted 12.09.2011 | UK Style
Philippa Warr

Answer me this: do you ever try to pronounce the word 'haute' or do you wilfully ignore it in favour of a simple 'couture'? As someone whose tongue actively repels credible foreign accents and pronunciation, any attempt to talk about haute couture with colleagues induces that very dilemma and adds an extra scoop of resentment to my angry (and metaphorical) ice-cream sundae.

Faberge Returns With First Authentic Eggs In 90 Years | Posted 11.09.2011 | UK Style

Fabergé has announced its first series of authentic Fabergé egg pendants in 90 years. The jewellery brand - a name synonymous with luxury and cra...

Couture Review: Valentino A/W 2011/12 | Posted 06.09.2011 | UK Style

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli unleashed a collection of gorgeous dress after gorgeous dress for a/w 2011/12 in a collection that felt et...