Culture Change

Care Providers Should Share Ownership With Employees To Survive The Staff Shortage Crisis

Will Prochaska | Posted 18.10.2017 | UK
Will Prochaska

At a point where the Care sector is desperate for innovative solutions to challenges of low pay, an approach which makes employees owners in their business, and which drives their engagement, is one which more providers should examine closely.

Writing a New Story: Leadership in Changing Times

Kanada Elizabeth Gorla | Posted 18.01.2015 | UK
Kanada Elizabeth Gorla

The question is not whether we are leaders but what we are leading ourselves and others towards? Leadership is intimately bound up with narrative, and the work of developing leaders, if it is to be relevant, must concern itself with the wider context of the narratives we find ourselves in and those we are creating with every choice we make.

Trust in Leaders

Peter Cheese | Posted 31.12.2013 | UK
Peter Cheese

Trust lies at the heart of healthy, productive workplaces and for this reason has long been an area of focus for the CIPD. We have been tracking perceptions of senior leaders since 2009, however this year we have explored trust to a greater extent than ever before.

Don't Just Talk About Change - Do It Now

Chris Hirst | Posted 24.03.2013 | UK
Chris Hirst

At the end of last year, I posted a blog about the 'Open' culture we've cultivated at Grey, and how this culture change programme has supercharged our...

Arts and Business: Creating a New Narrative

Ben Mirza | Posted 06.01.2013 | Home
Ben Mirza

Today, more than ever, businesses need to develop a common purpose when it comes to arts funding, because if business is the bedrock of civilisation, then the arts are the fruits of civilisation, and they must be nurtured.

In Dark Times Culture Change Holds the Key to Growth

Chris Hirst | Posted 18.12.2012 | UK
Chris Hirst

More than five years into recession, the global financial crisis shows no sign of abating. Just last week, the IMF announced a combined cut in UK growth predictions greater than that of any other country.

Businesses Need a 'Hearts and Minds' Culture Change if They Are to Survive the Challenges of the Next 20 Years

Mike Barry | Posted 13.10.2012 | UK
Mike Barry

The next decade will see radical new technologies, the resource crunch and the sharing economy all disrupt the established business order. For a company to survive and thrive over the next 20 years creating this culture change is the single most important step. Why?