Damon Hill

F1: How I Would Improve 'The Show'

Tim Goodchild | Posted 24.01.2017 | UK Sport
Tim Goodchild

Twenty-five years ago I began watching Formula One and 2016 also marks the 20th anniversary of my childhood hero Damon Hill winning the world title. I will always be a fan of F1 but even though my current favourite driver, Lewis Hamilton, is dominating the sport I find myself waning in interest of the only sport I truly follow with a passion...

LOOK: Celebrate Silverstone's 50th Grand Prix In Images

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 03.07.2014 | UK Sport

It's the British Grand Prix this weekend and Silverstone is celebrating its 50th GP since it first staged the race in 1948. To mark the occasion, c...

WATCH: Hill Hails 'Mature' Hamilton (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 16.05.2014 | UK Sport

Lewis Hamilton can attribute his superb form this season to his new-found maturity, according to former Formula 1 world champion Damon Hill. The Br...

Who Are Motorsport's Top 10 Fathers And Sons

The Huffington Post UK | David Hobbs | Posted 19.02.2014 | UK Sport

Max Vatanen is the latest offspring of a famous racing driver to try his luck on the world stage after it was announced that he would be competing on ...

An F1 Fan's Dream Realised

Tim Goodchild | Posted 25.09.2013 | UK Sport
Tim Goodchild

Three months ago I was asked whether I would be interested in covering the British Grand Prix 2013 as a bonafide reporter. I said yes, but in all honesty did not expect it to ever come to fruition - how wrong I was. It has been about a month since being at Silverstone and now that the experience has truly sunk in I wanted to share it with you.

Why Silverstone Will Always Have a Place in My Heart

Damon Hill | Posted 28.08.2013 | UK Sport
Damon Hill

I write this from the famous Northamptonshire circuit of Silverstone. Geographically speaking though, I'm actually in Buckinghamshire, as the vast circuit straddles two counties. It's June, but the rain is pouring down. Outside, a cluster of umbrellas and rain-sodden macs bobs eagerly around at the paddock perimeter to catch a glimpse of one of 22 heroes who haven't even arrived yet. It's mad but somehow it makes perfect sense, and it feels like coming home. It can only be the annual occupation of the British Grand Prix.

Formula One IS a Sport!

Tim Goodchild | Posted 12.11.2012 | UK Sport
Tim Goodchild

It is quite rare that I read something and for it to elicit such an emotional response, but when coming across a blog recently accusing the sheer stature of Formula 1 not being considered a sport it was not something I could simply ignore.

Damon Hill: Most People Aren't Safe To Drive Past 55mph

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 03.07.2012 | UK

Former world champion racing driver Damon Hill has spoken out against government proposals to increase the motorway speed limit to 80mph, saying they ...

Labour MP Calls For Bahrain Grand Prix Rethink

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 06.04.2012 | UK Politics

Pressure was mounting on the motorsport authorities today to reconsider the decision to go ahead with this year's Bahrain Grand Prix. MP Richard Bu...

Time to Rethink the Bahrain Grand Prix

Richard Burden | Posted 05.06.2012 | UK Politics
Richard Burden

Damon Hill is right to call on the governing body of motor sport to rethink its decision to go ahead with this year's Bahrain Grand Prix. I say that as someone who is a motor sport nut as well as an MP with a keen interest in the Middle East.