India Is Entering A New Golden Age, 70 Years After Independence

Sudhir Choudhrie | Posted 29.08.2017 | UK
Sudhir Choudhrie

I predict Brexit will be good for the UK and India. There will be a healthy relationship, which is mutually profitable. Seventy years after independence, it will put relations between the two countries on a new footing and both will benefit from it.

India! India!

Angela Hunt | Posted 13.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Angela Hunt

Twenty four years of age and the furthest I had ever travelled from the motherland was to Spain when I was 10 and madly in love with Marti Pellow. Hav...

Smog In India Is Now So Bad You Can See It From Space

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 09.11.2016 | UK Tech

Smog in New Delhi, long considered the world’s most polluted city, is now so bad that you can see it from outer space, as confirmed by a series of p...

Should the UK Help Trafficked Prostitutes in India?

Adrienne Macartney | Posted 07.04.2017 | UK
Adrienne Macartney

Delhi is dust. Fluid warmth. Polluted heat aching for monsoon. The baby in the puddle cries as I walk away. A rickshaw, all tinsel and paint, stutt...

Teenagers Arrested For Child Rape As Anger Mounts Over Delhi Sexual Violence

The Huffington Post UK | Sarah Ann Harris | Posted 18.10.2015 | UK

Two teenagers are among five people arrested in connection with sex attacks on children in Delhi. In two horrific separate incidents, a two-year-ol...

Man Killed By White Tiger At Delhi Zoo

Associated Press | Posted 23.09.2014 | UK

A young man has been killed by a white tiger at a New Delhi zoo. A spokesman said the youth climbed over a fence at the zoo and jumped into the an...

Briton's Body Found In Plastic Bag In Delhi

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 28.04.2014 | UK

The decomposing body of a man believed to be a British national has been found in a plastic bag in Delhi, Indian police have said. Authorities have...

Saving the World in Heels, Wearing Picasso Prints

Diana Verde Nieto | Posted 10.05.2014 | UK
Diana Verde Nieto

"Fashion is only the attempt to realise art in living forms and social intercourse," said Coco Chanel. This season, lets embrace the trend but do it in a socially responsible way. And stop citing Rembrandt at the dinner table.

The Indian Minister, The Twitter Affair And Death In A Delhi Hotel

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK

Shashi Tharoor was a rising star in Indian politics, with a fashionable wife, regular appearances on international TV and a bright future as a ministe...

Delhi Rape: One Year On, What Has Changed for Women in India?

Priya Shah | Posted 11.02.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Priya Shah

Not much has changed for women in India. While the international arena can help, ultimately change has to come from within the country. Merely a change in law is not enough; a change in attitudes is also necessary to transform Indian society and make it a better place for women.

Make Cities Safer for Girls

Angela Singh | Posted 11.02.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Angela Singh

One year ago, a young woman was repeatedly gang-raped on a moving bus in Delhi, India. The student, who had hopes of becoming a doctor, died two weeks later.

One Year on, Indian Women Continue to Be Blamed and Shamed for Being Raped

Joanna Jolly | Posted 03.02.2014 | UK
Joanna Jolly

This past year has seen positive changes in India, but many rape victims continue to be both blamed and shamed. While the public outcry has made it easier to report rape, there is still some way to go before all victims receive the justice they deserve.

1984 Sikhs' Kristallnacht

Kirat Raj Singh | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Kirat Raj Singh

It was between the 31st October and 3rd November in 1984, that Sikhs in Delhi and other various parts of India were systematically targeted and massacred on a large scale. According to the even most conservative estimates, 8,000 Sikhs were killed over the four-day period, out of which 3,000 were in the capital city alone.

India's Rape Problem

Spencer Turner | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Spencer Turner

The new amendments to India's anti-rape laws are an encouraging start for India. Their implementation will hopefully provide some relief to the problem hat the country has been struggling with for years...

Death Sentence For Men Who Gang Raped And Killed Student

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 13.11.2013 | UK

Four men found guilty of fatally gang raping a medical student in Delhi, India, have been sentenced to death. Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Akshay T...

India: Death Penalty Is Not a Quick Fix Solution to Serious Crime

Sajid Suleman | Posted 11.11.2013 | UK Politics
Sajid Suleman

The four Delhi gang rape convicts are likely to be sentenced to death for raping and killing a 23 year old woman... Hanging the four Delhi rapists might satisfy the conscience of the nation, but it does nothing to improve the lot of women in India.

Sickness, Travel and Work

Ciara Cohen-Ennis | Posted 15.10.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Ciara Cohen-Ennis

I've been pretty ill with possibly a mild version of dengue fever, which is caused by mosquitoes, last week, so I missed a fair bit of work and slept practically all day, every day!

Life in the Fast Lane

Leena Gade | Posted 07.05.2013 | UK Sport
Leena Gade

I am not treated differently to anyone else on the team and I was given an opportunity to take on a role that would be tough whether you are male or female. I am very lucky to work in such a technical field that is truly challenging and I hope that what both Teena and I do can open up the world of engineering and high performance to a wider audience.

Delhi Women Speak Out About Their Rights

Melanie Ward | Posted 02.04.2013 | UK Politics
Melanie Ward

From grassroots to international level NGOs; to the UN, the World Bank and the OECD, the message is repeated time and time again: gender inequality is a brake on development.

To Live in Love and Peace

Ana Tzarev | Posted 16.03.2013 | UK
Ana Tzarev

No woman should have to live in fear of a world capable of so much beauty. May we choose to defy violence and embrace all women as sisters, mothers, daughters, and indeed rulers of the world, as they share in wisdom and knowledge equal to any man.

Social Media and Protest - The Indian Spring?

Professor Ravinder Barn | Posted 10.03.2013 | UK Tech
Professor Ravinder Barn

The recent brutal rape and murder of the 23-year-old Indian student has ignited a spark throughout India which has been described as a new movement and an awakening to demand action, fairness, gender equality and above all safety for girls and women of India.

Has the 24-hour News Culture Spurred a National Awakening in India?

Nabila Pathan | Posted 08.03.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Nabila Pathan

Has India's incessant news coverage started the process of shaking the patriarchal foundations of government? It is too soon to make such a statement, but one hopes this is the initial rousing of change.

Keep Delhi Trending: Why We Must Keep Talking About the India Rape Case

Coco Khan | Posted 28.02.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Coco Khan

At the time of writing this, Delhi is trending worldwide. This morning, the young student who suffered the brutal gang rape that sparked the riots in Delhi, died. To many, she was murdered.

Fink... The Long-Weekend in India

Tim Thornton | Posted 20.02.2013 | UK Entertainment
Tim Thornton

This has been said before, in many different ways, languages and levels of exasperation, but I'll reiterate: Mumbai is fucking crazy. Twelve and a half million people living on an island less than half the size of London.


Rohan Banerjee | Posted 18.02.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Rohan Banerjee

Industrially and economically India is incredible, but still thousands of people leave the country every year. Why? So long as the caste system continues to promulgate this social hang up of 'birth not worth', outdated religious reservations will hinder sociability and India's presence on the world stage.