Design Thinking

Future Search: When Consultancy Works For The NHS

Rajiv Chandegra | Posted 03.01.2017 | UK
Rajiv Chandegra

You're pacing the ward, desperate to find space, only to discover some jargon-ridden management consultant hogging the desk with their templates, eage...

Trumpets, Not Trombones, Offer A New Way To Bring About Social Value

Dan Sutch | Posted 21.11.2016 | UK Tech
Dan Sutch

How do we re-view the sorts of challenges we're looking to address through a digital lens? My favourite way of describing of the difference between digital and analogue is the difference between a trombone and a trumpet.

Austerity Will Not Get Us to the Future We Deserve, but Creative Entrepreneurial Expression Will

Alan Moore | Posted 09.04.2013 | UK Politics
Alan Moore

It has become clear that austerity alone cannot create a roadmap for a better future, in which we need organisations that can perform at a higher level for much lower input costs whether they are in the commercial or non-commercial sector.

Frugal Innovation Working for the Collective Good

Alan Moore | Posted 07.08.2012 | UK
Alan Moore

Recently I settled in to listen to In Business with BBC journalist Peter Day. Innovation and transformation of people's lives, economies, etc., is very much part of the No Straight Lines project so I was thrilled to hear Professor Jaideep Prabhu from the Cambridge University Judge Business school and Professor Anil Gupta from the Indian Institute of Management talk about Jugaad Innovation.

The Myopia of Regulating Pay-Day-Loans

Alan Moore | Posted 10.07.2012 | UK
Alan Moore

Recently the government made a big fuss via the mainstream media that it was 'taking decisive action' in regulating pay-day-loans, loan sharking and c...