Drug Legalisation

Addicts Should Be Treated and Supported Into Recovery, Not Criminalised

Mike Barton | Posted 04.04.2015 | UK
Mike Barton

The stigma of addiction is a pernicious and inhumane phenomenon. The continuing description of drug addicts as criminals rather than people who are unhealthy or sick prevents them getting well and consigns their family to years of misery and often destitution. Addicts should be treated and supported into recovery. Their entrapment in criminal justice is a waste of police time, a waste of the state's money and dissuades addicts from revealing themselves for treatment for fear of the criminal consequences.

Charlotte Meredith

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An Open Letter to Sir Richard Branson

Monica Luppi | Posted 23.04.2012 | UK
Monica Luppi

Mr Branson, let me ask you a few questions: How many desperate mothers of addicts have you listened to? How many times have you taken an addict into your home and nursed him back to health, taking the time to understand him? Have you met with many who have lost all their money and possessions while a family member struggled through years of drug abuse?