Elder Abuse

We Need A New Approach To Stopping Elder Abuse

Eleri Butler | Posted 15.06.2017 | UK
Eleri Butler

It's time we invested in a new approach to supporting survivors of abuse in Wales, so that every point of interaction with survivors and perpetrators is an opportunity for getting help and support, which should not be missed. Our focus, at Welsh Women's Aid, is to transform community and public service responses whilst making sure specialist services collaborate to continue to provide the vital lifeline that survivors need.

A Spotlight On The Abuse Of Older Women

Gary FitzGerald | Posted 08.03.2017 | UK
Gary FitzGerald

Today (March 8th) is International Women's Day, which celebrates the achievements of women and the significant challenges they still face all over the...

Elder Abuse - A Forgotten Human Rights Issue?

Gary FitzGerald | Posted 23.12.2016 | UK
Gary FitzGerald

In the UK, human rights are often seen as an international issue - one enacted in dusty prisons in foreign lands - rather than one that affects us closer to home. However, it can be argued that older people in the UK are one significant part of the population that routinely has its human rights denied...

Who Cares?

Dave Clements | Posted 18.08.2012 | UK
Dave Clements

Is there a crisis of compassion in health and social care? If the shocking scenes featured in Panorama's Undercover: Elderly Care are anything to go by, the answer is surely yes.