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New Infrastructure Bill Puts UK Climate Ambition at Risk

Kyla Mandel | Posted 16.03.2015 | UK Politics
Kyla Mandel

The UK's climate change ambition will be in serious jeopardy once the Infrastructure Bill is passed into law. If that's not worrying enough, barely anyone seems to be taking notice.

A Global Deal Isn't the Only Way to Fight Climate Change

Jane Burston | Posted 11.02.2015 | UK
Jane Burston

The global climate change negotiations are coming to a close in Lima, Peru, and we have edged ever so slightly closer to a climate deal. In the coming days, commentators will (as usual) be divided over whether it was a success, whether negotiators did enough to prepare the ground for the next conference...

Asia-Pacific Is Leading the World on Carbon Emissions Trading

Adam Matthews | Posted 10.03.2014 | UK
Adam Matthews

This article is co-authored with Terry Townshend who is Head of Policy at GLOBE International It is not well know that Kazakhstan -- a nation whose l...

Humans May Not Be To Blame For Climate Change, Says Tory MP Tim Yeo

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 29.05.2013 | UK

The Tory MP in charge of overseeing the government's climate change policies has suggested humans may not be the cause of global warming. Tim Yeo s...

Beyond the Car - The Future of UK Urban Mobility

Adam Stones | Posted 15.07.2013 | UK
Adam Stones

The majority of car journeys are made by just one passenger; a hugely inefficient way to get around. It is expected that the future of (powered) urban transport will be in much smaller personal vehicles, and will encourage the use of more semi-autonomous transport systems.

ETS: Putting a Price on an Invaluable Commodity

European Parliament Web Team | Posted 12.01.2013 | UK Politics
European Parliament Web Team

To understand why the EU is putting a price on polluting emissions through the Emission Trading System (ETS), you first have to understand what economists call negative externalities, that is when you reap benefits individually, but pay the price collectively.

Much More Than a Debate on Natural Gas

Intelligence Squared | Posted 16.12.2012 | UK Politics
Intelligence Squared

The current debate on the future role of gas is much more than just that. It may signal the beginning of the end of the current UK policy strategy on energy and climate change.

Carbon Price Floor: What We Knew in Budget 2011 Will be Confirmed in Budget 2012

Ben Caldecott | Posted 19.05.2012 | UK Politics
Ben Caldecott

The UK government has correctly spotted an important problem: investors in clean power need more certainty than current policy provides.