Euro Zone

Europe Stretched to Limit of its Policy-Making Capacities

Aengus Collins | Posted 21.12.2016 | UK Politics
Aengus Collins

Neither a partial nor a complete erosion of Schengen would represent a fatal blow to the EU, but either would be damaging. There would be a direct economic impact on member states seeking to restore control of their borders...

Greece's New Focus on Exports

Martin Koehring | Posted 20.08.2013 | UK
Martin Koehring

The Greek government and its EU/IMF creditors want Greece to attract investment (especially from abroad) and boost exports in order to bring about economic recovery. But Greece has traditionally been a relatively closed economy that is only slowly opening up.

Education: A Silo, Entire of Itself

Brian John Spencer | Posted 25.10.2012 | UK Universities & Education
Brian John Spencer

How can young people be real world literate and know what career they want if all they've ever known is the class room? Often they've never had contact with any industry professionals or set foot in an office, workshop or business environment.

Cameron Vows To Secure Britain's Place In Europe

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 28.06.2012 | UK

David Cameron has vowed to win safeguards for Britain's place in Europe while keeping out of the latest EU summit efforts to restore eurozone credibil...

Europe Stocks Slump Amid Fears Of Fresh Turmoil In Eurozone

PA | Posted 07.07.2012 | UK

Traders have warned of more market turbulence after elections in Greece and France fuelled uncertainty over Europe's ability to solve its debt crisis....

EU Crisis: George Osborne Says Weekend Talks 'Critical' For Future of Eurozone

PA | Posted 21.12.2011 | UK Politics

A round of weekend negotiations in Brussels will be "critical" in settling the eurozone crisis, Chancellor George Osborne has said. Before leaving ...

Moody's Downgrades Spain's Credit Rating On 'Negative Outlook'

Huffington Post UK | Michael Rundle | Posted 18.12.2011 | UK

Spanish government bonds have been downgraded by the credit rating agency Moody's. Spain's credit rating was cut to A1 from Aa2 and carries a negat...

Peter Guest

Eurozone Crisis: Policymakers Given One Week To Find Solutions | Peter Guest | Posted 17.12.2011 | UK

European policymakers leave the weekend’s G20 summit with a warning that their “comprehensive” plan for resolving the euro zone’s sovereign de...

William Alden

UK Vulnerable To Greece Debt Crisis | William Alden | Posted 05.09.2011 | UK

As financial markets brace for the possibility of a Greek debt default, economic officials here are sketching out doomsday scenarios in a grim acknowl...