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CT03 Takes Shape

Tom Webb | Posted 31.03.2013 | UK Sport
Tom Webb

This is an incredibly intense week leading up to the first test when the 2013 race car finally takes shape. The chassis is built, checked and painted and then the tens of thousands of parts that make up a modern F1 car are fitted to the chassis, all under a stopwatch that is counting down until the moment the car has to leave our factory.

Marussia To Get KERS, Keep Cosworth In 2013

Todd McCandless | Posted 29.10.2012 | UK Sport
Todd McCandless

Heading into 2012, we considered the use of KERS would possibly allow Team Caterham F1 to make a much needed surge in the performance category but they still remain adrift of Toro Rosso. One has to be cautious in thinking that Marussia will experience the types of gains that would have them emerging from the back of the grid.

Aloha Huffington or is it just Mr. Post?

Japanese Popstars | Posted 26.05.2012 | UK Entertainment
Japanese Popstars

Gary here from The Japanese Popstars to give you more of a back ground regarding our exciting new venture with the F1 Team Caterham, so strap in and enjoy the read and excuse the pun.