Facial Disfigurement

What Do You Think About On Your Way To A Job Interview?

Monica Duddy | Posted 13.07.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Monica Duddy

One of the respondents to the survey commented, 'I was compared to another female colleague - a friend of mine - we were called 'the beauty and the beast.' Further to this, almost 80% of the respondents said they had avoided applying for a job because of potential reactions at the interview or from new colleagues.

I Cried When I Read The Disfigurement In The UK

Monica Duddy | Posted 05.06.2017 | UK
Monica Duddy

As you can see, this day is really important to challenge society on how people react to and treat those who have a visible difference. What I love about this day is that it is inclusive of so many differences, it is not completely assigned to a particular condition or personal situation. The next time you see someone in the street with a something different about them, just give them a smile.

How I Learnt That Beauty Is More Than Just Skin Deep

Endeavour Press | Posted 24.03.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Endeavour Press

As a victim of a brutal mountain lion attack in which half my face was ripped off, I fully expected this question to become commonplace. People are naturally curious. They can't help but stare. But, in the nine years since the attack, I have only been asked this question twice.

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Ad Review: Changing Faces -- Leo

Josh Okungbaiye | Posted 30.06.2012 | UK
Josh Okungbaiye

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Can This Man Find Love?

Posted 27.03.2012 | UK

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Pumping Parties: Doctor Speaks Out Against Deadly Botox Trend in US

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