Number Of Women Freezing Eggs To Delay Motherhood Soars

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 24.03.2016 | UK Lifestyle

There has been a "substantial increase" in the amount of women opting to freeze their eggs so they can become mothers later in life, new figures show....

Woman's Pregnancy Hope After Receiving Frozen Ovary Taken From Body Before Puberty

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 21.03.2016 | UK Lifestyle

A woman who had her ovary removed and frozen as a child has had the organ implanted back into her body so she can become a mother. If the transplant p...

Men With 'Super Sperm' Offered Free IVF Course For Friends Or Family

SWNS | Amy Packham | Posted 14.03.2016 | UK Parents

A fertility clinic is offering men with good quality sperm the chance to nominate a friend or family member for free IVF treatment. Privately-run Bou...

Saira Khan: 'I Send A Wish To My Daughter's Birth Mother Once A Year'

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 11.03.2016 | UK Parents

Loose Women star Saira Khan's road to becoming a mum-of-two was far from easy. Not long after she married her husband, Steve Hyde, Khan realised s...

Mums Who Give Birth After 40 'Increase Risk Of Heart Attack And Strokes'

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 18.02.2016 | UK Parents

Women who have children when they're aged 40 or older are more likely to have a heart attack or a stroke in later life than women who have children at...

Doctors Debate Whether Children Born Through IVF Could Face Health Problems In Later Life

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 16.02.2016 | UK Parents

Undergoing IVF is an "evolutionary experiment" that could be as big a health disaster for children as junk food, a scientist claims. Dr Pascal Gagn...

Tyra Banks Announces Birth Of 'Miracle Baby Boy'

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 28.01.2016 | UK Parents

Tyra Banks has welcomed her first child into the world via surrogate. The former supermodel, 42, announced the news on Instagram by sharing a photo...

The Body Coach Claims His Weight Loss Plan Helped Two Women Fall Pregnant

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 19.01.2016 | UK Parents

Fitness Instagram star Joe Wicks (a.k.a The Body Coach) has claimed his latest weight loss plan helped two women, who were struggling to conceive, fal...

Christie Brinkley's Touching Story About How She 'Helped' Iman And David Bowie Conceive

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 14.01.2016 | UK Parents

Christie Brinkley has shared a touching story about how she "helped" Iman and David Bowie conceive their daughter. The American model and mum-of-th...

Sperm Donor Meets Four Children He Fathered For The First Time

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 12.01.2016 | UK Parents

The emotional moment a sperm donor met four of his biological children for the first time and introduced them to their half-siblings was captured on f...

Asherman's Syndrome: The Little Known Condition Making Women Infertile

The Huffington Post UK | Ellen Wallwork | Posted 06.01.2016 | UK Parents

Two women who struggled to get pregnant discovered they were suffering from a condition their GPs had never heard of. "The hardest part for me was ...

Coping With Infertility After Cancer Treatment

Sammy Orchard | Posted 07.01.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Sammy Orchard

Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with womb cancer. I had spent six years trying for a baby, including four years of failed fertility treatment. I had been due to start another round of IVF when tests indicated a problem which turned out to be cancer.

9-Year-Old Boy With Brain Tumour Is First To Have Testicular Tissue Frozen

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 23.12.2015 | UK Parents

A nine-year-old boy with a brain tumour has become the first person in the UK to have his testicular tissue frozen in the hope he will be able to have...

Scientific Breakthrough: Same-Sex Couples Could Have Babies With Genes From Both Parents

The Huffington Post UK | Ellen Wallwork | Posted 23.12.2015 | UK Parents

Same-sex couples may one day be able to have babies who are genetically related to both partners, thanks to a scientific breakthrough. The newly de...

Emmerdale Actor Expecting Baby After 'Struggle' To Conceive

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 16.12.2015 | UK Parents

Emmerdale actor James Hooton, who plays Sam Dingle in the soap, has announced his fiancée Nancy Lucas is expecting the couple's second child together...

Could This Intestinal Worm Improve A Woman's Fertility?

The Huffington Post UK | Natasha Hinde | Posted 20.11.2015 | UK Lifestyle

Roundworms could hold the key to improving a woman's fertility, research suggests. The parasitic worm, which is found in the human gut, might be re...

This Is What Women Look For In A Sperm Donor, According To Study

The Huffington Post UK | Brogan Driscoll | Posted 17.11.2015 | UK Lifestyle

Women prefer intellectual, shy and calm men when looking for a sperm donor, a study has revealed. The study, conducted by the Queensland University...

My Baby Cost £70,000

The Huffington Post UK/SWNS | Amy Sharpe | Posted 12.11.2015 | UK Parents

A woman who underwent 10 years of IVF treatment has told of her joy at finally having her first child - after spending £70,000 on fertility treatment...

10 Things You Need to Know Before You Become a Sperm Donor

Suzi Godson | Posted 08.11.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Suzi Godson

Some men are put off before they even start. Because screening can reveal issues about future fertility, current health and the health of any existing, or future children, men are, quite rightly, advised to think very carefully before they decide to donate sperm.

3 Inspiring Celeb Mums Who Had Children Via Surrogates

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 03.11.2015 | UK Parents

Surrogacy allows mums who are unable to conceive fulfil their dreams of having their own family. Babies born this way have continually risen since...

Egg Freezing - Part of the Problem, or the Solution?

Emma Cannon | Posted 02.11.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Emma Cannon

With National Fertility Awareness Week now upon us (2-8 November), a newly commissioned survey looked at attitudes towards egg freezing. We found that 25% of women would consider freezing their eggs, with this figure rising to 34% in the 25-34 age bracket.

Men Speak Out About Infertility: 'A Father And Kid Playing Together Brought Me To Tears'

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 02.11.2015 | UK Lifestyle

Three men have opened up about the emotional struggle they faced after being told they were infertile. Gareth Down, 39, Russell Davis, 42, and Andr...

IVF: Latest Research Shows Negative Effects of High Drug Stimulation

Dr Geeta Nargund | Posted 30.10.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Dr Geeta Nargund

Different dosages of drugs are used by different clinics, with some clinics even using 600 IU of FSH per day which is very high. Some clinics also give "off label" medication during the implantation phase and early pregnancy. It is concerning that there is no regulation as to what drugs are given and in what dosages.

Five Tell-tale Signs Your Best Friend Is Pregnant and Why It's Okay She Didn't Tell You

Amanda Fulton | Posted 29.10.2015 | UK Parents
Amanda Fulton

You tell each other everything, you share the most intimate secrets, laugh at the silliest of things and there's no subject out of bounds. Yet there's been something a little off about your bosom buddy lately and you can't quite put your finger on it...

Apparently This Is The Best Time Of Year To Try For A Baby

The Huffington Post UK | Amy Packham | Posted 23.10.2015 | UK Parents

This Christmas could be about more than just presents and booze, as a new, large-scale study has revealed December is the best time to try for a baby....