The Necessity Of Knowing Leonard Cohen (And Bob Dylan)

Maria Karvouni | Posted 18.11.2016 | UK Entertainment
Maria Karvouni

Music has a long history and it is not only good to know it, but also educative. Even some parts of it. People have so many things to do nowadays that...

Sera - Rocks!

Debbie Bannigan | Posted 08.11.2016 | UK Entertainment
Debbie Bannigan

Fans of folk music will probably be familiar with Folkstock Records, a prolific boutique label well known for championing new, acoustic folk and roots...

Seán McGowan - Meet the Southampton Lad Ready to Take on The Establishment

Clara Cullen | Posted 24.09.2016 | UK Entertainment
Clara Cullen

Seán McGowan-Millbrook Road In recent years many articles have bemoaned the death of political music in the UK. Clearly they're not looking very har...

Introducing: Tim O-T

Clara Cullen | Posted 28.10.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clara Cullen

I'd met Tim properly a few weeks earlier; his song writing and live shows had come highly recommended by peers Ruby Day and Sean McGowan. Knowing him as a part of this budding music community I set out to find out a bit more about the young performer.

Will Varley: From the Cliffs of Hell to the City Lights

Clara Cullen | Posted 29.08.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clara Cullen

Will Varley is an interesting chap. I've been a fan since stumbling upon his first album Advert Soundtracks. Political, humorous and always very honest, it's the sort of song writing that can connect viscerally. Yet, despite my earnest attempts otherwise, it was also the type of song writing that not many people seemed to be taking much notice of.

The Reignition of the Britain's Fire Festivals

Wilderness Festival | Posted 24.07.2014 | UK Entertainment
Wilderness Festival

People in the British Isles are embracing their pagan heritage more openly than ever before. Those whose religion is Paganism (the seventh largest religion in the UK) mark the fire festivals as holy days. I am pagan, and marked the day with a public ceremony for fellow pagans in a London hall, with my friends in a mummers play both comical and spiritual.

An Interview with Ruby Day

Clara Cullen | Posted 29.05.2014 | UK Entertainment
Clara Cullen

With the imminent release of her first EP I conducted an interview with her a few days after the gig.

Is Prog Rock the New Folk?

William Higham | Posted 21.05.2014 | UK Entertainment
William Higham

Prepare to guffaw now when I suggest what the next wave of music and culture looks set to be. Are you ready? I believe it's prog rock ... (Okay, perhaps the headline spoilt the surprise). Yes, progressive rock. The kipper tie or puffball skirt of music.

Musician Of The Week: Lewis Smith And His 'Hauntingly Beautiful Rootsy Old Folk'

The Huffington Post UK | Lucy Sherriff | Posted 20.09.2013 | UK Universities & Education

| Are you a student musician or in a student band? Fancy appearing in our Student Musician of the Week series? Click here to find out more | Name: ...

Texas: A State That Does Nothing by Halves

Black Tomato | Posted 08.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Black Tomato

Home of the rodeo and rock 'n' roll, texmex and tejano, Buddy Holly and Beyoncé; it's no surprise that Texas is full of force. Its variety contributes to its world renown; whether inspiring city arts movements or tranquil coastlines picking up surfers from shore to shore, delicate seafood dishes or hearty home grown chilli, Texas has a range of scenes all of which pack as much punch as the next.

Little Big Adventure - The Adventure Begins...

John Carlon | Posted 20.05.2013 | UK Entertainment
John Carlon

FRESH on the scene and raring to go - Little Big Adventure are five musicians from Oslo and Bergen who are setting out to show the Norwegian scene just what they can do.

Ten Irish Bands for St. Patrick's Day

Peter McGuire | Posted 14.05.2013 | UK Entertainment
Peter McGuire

This Patrick's Day, remember there's more to Ireland than the stereotypes of potatoes, drink, and leprechauns (all of which we will still happily sell to you). With a population of just about 4.5 million, we also punch well above our weight in terms of musical talent. Here are ten Irish acts that burst with talent.

Happy New Year?

Laila Escartín-Sorjonen | Posted 14.04.2013 | UK
Laila Escartín-Sorjonen

It's already February and I still haven't written my happy new-year's letter! I'm late! 2013, well, we've got so far. I still remember when in the l...

Interview: George Frakes - London's Own Curbside Prophet

Clara Cullen | Posted 04.04.2013 | UK Entertainment
Clara Cullen

It's a Wednesday night in early January and as George Frakes takes to the stage of this cosy north London boozer, clad in a mishmash of tweed and velvet, there's an air of the English Gent to him. While the crowd at The Wheelbarrow may be rather thin on the ground, those who have turned out are reverent in their hushed appreciation.

Are You Ready for the Country?

Greg Rose | Posted 20.01.2013 | UK Entertainment
Greg Rose

There is a natural wariness that takes over whenever anybody asks: "Do you like country music?" As if by admitting to yourself that you like any songs from a genre that spans the majority of Western music means you immediately have to put on a stetson hat and chew on some straw.

Effortlessly Cool Menswear Label, Folk, Debuts First Women's Collection

Sarah McGiven | Posted 16.09.2012 | UK Style
Sarah McGiven

Folk is one of those understated, effortlessly cool clothing brands often spotted on trendy media types and music industry boys who want to look like they haven't tried too hard. Through combinations of intricately stitched patterns, beautiful fabrics or unusual, interesting cuts, for all it's seemingly simple design, Folk stands out because it's all about the detail.