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Who Is to Blame for Violent Ex-Servicemen?

Alex Ford | Posted 15.05.2013 | UK Politics
Alex Ford

This story is about young men (and yes, it is mostly men) who leave the forces early, rather than those who have undertaken multiple tours and spent a decent amount of time in the services. It's about those young men who already have a propensity for violence and who can't handle the discipline of the army. It's about how they are discharged and then booted out into society.

Hammond Admits Afghanistan 'Messy' After Pullout

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Afghanistan is likely to be "messy" after western troops pull out in 2014, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond admitted today. Mr Hammond said there w...

Joint Afghan Patrols To Be Scaled Back After 'Green On Blue' Attacks

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Western operations with Afghan soldiers and policemen are to be scaled back after a string of "green on blue" attacks in which local recruits turn the...

Royal Navy Appoints Its First Female Commander

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The Royal Navy have appointed their first female commander who will take charge of warship HMS Portland, described as "one of the fastest and most fea...

British Forces Could Remain In Afghanistan After 2014

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Small numbers of British troops could remain in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the main force in 2014 to combat international terrorism. As in...

All I Want For Christmas Is (To Come Home): Crew On HMS Ocean Sing Christmas Hit

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Aviation crew on HMS Ocean, the largest ship in the royal navy, made a Christmas DVD singing ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ after hearing they ...

British Solider Missing in Helmand: Family Informed

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The military is investigating the death of a British soldier who was found dead with gunshot wounds after going missing from his checkpoint in souther...