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Reports Of Gunshots And Hostage Taking In Northern French Town

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 24.11.2015 | UK

A hostage situation in the northern French town of Roubaix ended with all the captives released, according to the BBC. Local reports suggested thr...

Russia Is Sending This Puppy To France To Replace The Police Dog Killed By Terrorists

The Huffington Post UK | Chris York | Posted 21.11.2015 | UK

Russia is to send a puppy to France as a gesture of solidarity after the death of a French police dog in a raid in relation to the Paris terror attack...

Islamic State: The Limits of Conventional Wisdom

Alistair Burnett | Posted 20.11.2015 | UK
Alistair Burnett

Would Islamic State have attacked Paris twice this year killing almost 150 people if France weren't bombing it in Iraq and Syria? Would IS have blown up an airliner killing 229 Russian tourists and aircrew, if Moscow had not intervened in Syria?

Paris Terrorists 'Used Refugee Crisis Chaos To Slip In To France'

The Huffington Post UK | Sarah Ann Harris | Posted 20.11.2015 | UK

Members of the terrorist cell which carried out last week’s attacks in Paris took advantage of the refugee crisis to "slip in" to the country, Fran...

Bataclan Victims Are Defiant In Their Messages Of Survival

The Huffington Post UK | Kathryn Snowdon | Posted 19.11.2015 | UK

Victims of the Bataclan attack in Paris are sharing their defiant messages of survival on social media. Heroic tales of how fans at the concert hal...

Uncertainty Surrounds Fate Of Mastermind Of Paris Attacks

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 18.11.2015 | UK

Uncertainly surrounds the fate of the mastermind of Friday's Paris attacks. According to The Washington Post, Abdelhamid Abaaoud was killed during a p...

Paris Attacks: France Intensify Intervention On Islamic State

Sophia Hyatt | Posted 18.11.2015 | UK Politics
Sophia Hyatt

If any region is familiar with the debilitating effects of political corruption, it's the Middle East. And the notion of a 'power-vacuum' is central, in a struggle to come to terms with the recent bloodshed in Paris.

LIVESTREAM: Paris Siege As It Unfolds

The Huffington Post UK | Eve Hartley | Posted 18.11.2015 | UK

A massive police and security operation is underway in a neighbourhood of Paris, as authorities target the alleged mastermind behind Friday's attacks....

Wembley Just Stuck Two Massive Red, White And Blue Fingers Up At ISIS

The Huffington Post UK | Chris York | Posted 17.11.2015 | UK

LATEST: England win 2-0 Wembley Stadium was the site of a glorious show of solidarity, defiance and sportsmanship on Tuesday night as over 70,000 p...

RAF Jets 'Successfully' Bomb Large Group Of Isis Militants

The Huffington Post UK | Sarah Ann Harris | Posted 17.11.2015 | UK

RAF Tornados have successfully attacked a large group of Islamic State militants assaulting Kurdish forces in northern Iraq, the Ministry of Defence (...

Widow's Defiant Tribute To Slain Wife Proves ISIS Didn't Succeed In Paris

The Huffington Post UK | George Bowden | Posted 17.11.2015 | UK

A husband whose wife was killed during the terror attack at Paris's Bataclan theatre has written a defiant tribute declaring: "I will not give you my ...

The Terrorist Attack in the Social Media Age

Matty Edwards | Posted 17.11.2015 | UK Universities & Education
Matty Edwards

While the Charlie Hebdo attacks were a direct assault on a particular value, the latest attacks are far less clear cut in this respect, and therefore require a more considered response, rather than simply saying, "I will always stand up for the principle of freedom of speech."

This Is How England Fans Are Paying Tribute To The Paris Attacks Tonight

The Huffington Post UK | Eve Hartley | Posted 17.11.2015 | UK

England fans are marking the visit of the French national football team in a poignant way. The teams will play a friendly game tonight at Wembley,...

Let's Get One Thing Straight, The Victims of Terror Are NEVER to Blame

Alan Grant | Posted 17.11.2015 | UK Politics
Alan Grant

The role of the journalist/polemicist is often misrepresented as to only report facts; this is especially true of the former. This terrible limitation...

After Paris: We Must Not Give in to Terror, Nor Be Afraid to Fight It

David Browne | Posted 17.11.2015 | UK Politics
David Browne

We must seriously consider intervention - or at the very least increased support for Kurdish forces on the ground - against ISIS precisely because ISIS's grievance is not interventionist Western foreign policy, but the very values of the West themselves.

As ISIS Strike Further Into the Hearts of a Nation, Are We Going to Wait for Death to Fall on Our Own Doorstep?

Tristen Lee | Posted 16.11.2015 | UK
Tristen Lee

As false reports of fresh gunfire in the central Paris square, near the Bataclan, sends people fleeing for their lives; it's clear the world is on tenterhooks, anxiously waiting for the next hit, for news on friends and loved ones fallen in the massacre, that has already callously claimed 132 lives.

Nick Ferrari Has An Extreme Answer To Muslim Who Opposes British Foreign Policy

The Huffington Post UK | Kathryn Snowdon | Posted 16.11.2015 | UK

Nick Ferrari told a Muslim caller that if he does not agree with British foreign policy then he should "go some place else" during a heated discussion...

TV Presenter Eloquently Explains Why ISIS Aren't As Powerful As They Want You To Think

The Huffington Post UK | George Bowden | Posted 17.11.2015 | UK

An Australian television presenter has made a passionate speech following the Paris terror attacks which has already been viewed over 4 million times ...

Heartbreaking Pictures Of Paris Victims Show The Indiscriminate Attacks Against Youth

The Huffington Post UK | Kathryn Snowdon | Posted 16.11.2015 | UK

Heartbreaking photos of some of the victims of the Paris attacks have emerged after at least 129 people were killed in a series of shootings and bombi...

48 Hours in France: Rules, Railways and Tombstone Technology

Karl Davis | Posted 16.11.2015 | UK
Karl Davis

In the wake of the last few days, the thoughts of the world are undoubtedly with those suffering the effects of a seminal moment in the history of the...

Why Do Terrorists Keep on Attacking France?

Nadeem Shad | Posted 18.11.2015 | UK Politics
Nadeem Shad

Friday the 13th 2015 marks the third time in the last 12 months that France has been attacked by extremists. More than any other European country it h...

Is It Safe to Hold Euro 2016 Anywhere Any More?

Matthew Smith | Posted 16.11.2015 | UK Sport
Matthew Smith

In this international break, I planned to write about Euro 2016. But what aspect to write about? What should England's expectations be? Should the tournament have stayed at a bite size 16 teams rather than the overfilled mouthful that is the 24-team format?

Thousands Tweet #PrayForSyria After French Bombing Campaign

The Huffington Post UK | Kathryn Snowdon | Posted 16.11.2015 | UK

People are urging Western nations to take caution in the wake of France's "massive" air strike on the Isis stronghold of Raqqa in Syria on Sunday. ...

French Jets Pound Raqqa Three Days After ISIS Kill 129 In Paris

The Huffington Post UK/AP | Paul Vale | Posted 16.11.2015 | UK

The French air force launched a "massive" air strike on the city of Raqqa on Sunday, the capital of the Islamic State movement in Syria. Twelve aircra...

Tolerance, Solidarity and Defiance in the Wake of the Attacks in Paris

Ioan Marc Jones | Posted 15.11.2015 | UK
Ioan Marc Jones

Next weekend, in solidarity and defiance, I plan on listening to certain types of music, drinking far too much alcohol, accepting the choice of others not to drink alcohol, and remaining tolerant. I plan on generally exercising my personal liberty.