Future of Newspapers

The Future of National Newspapers? Multiple Revenue Streams and Partnerships

Raconteur Media | Posted 24.07.2012 | UK
Raconteur Media

Newspapers are not the most popular kid in class right now. In fact they seem to be getting beaten up and bullied at every break.

Is This Little Swiss Company the Future of Newspapers Everywhere?

Colin Morrison | Posted 16.07.2012 | UK
Colin Morrison

What's wrong with newspapers? We could spend the next year struggling to answer the question, while traipsing through the undergrowth of the internet, of consumer tastes and news appetite, and of the competition for time, money and advertising. Newspapers are, of course, a format, not a media channel.

Want to See the Future of News? Imagine the World Before Newspapers

Paul Quigley | Posted 01.05.2012 | UK
Paul Quigley

In the future, social networks will dominate media distribution. But that's just a return to the way things used to be.