Why We Shouldn't Mourn Gawker, But Use It To Make The Internet A Safer Tomorrow

Jenny Afia | Posted 26.08.2017 | UK Tech
Jenny Afia

The internet, like any publishing format, shouldn't be the Wild West of unsubstantiated gossip, with limited recourse from injured parties, especially when the people running sites like Gawker are making money.

Coke Pulls #MakeItHappy Campaign After 'Mein Kampf' Gaffe

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Working At Amazon Sounds Like An Absolute Nightmare

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How A Facebook Bug Shut Down Most Of The Internet

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Christians 'Sentenced To Death' In Egypt For Anti-Muslim Film

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A court in Egypt has reportedly sentenced to death seven Christians for taking part in an anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims, which caused internati...

Reddit CEO Yishan Wong Defends Site's 'Free Speech' After Notorious 'Creep' Outed By Gawker

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Who Is Master George?

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The director of an anti-Islam film that reportedly sparked deadly protests in Libya and Egypt is said to have duped actors into believing they were ma...

Controversial Dating Website For 'Sugar Daddies' Hits UK, Claims MP as Member

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A dating website to help so-called "sugar daddies" to find "babies" to pamper - in return for the benefits of a young, easily placated lover - has lau...