Gilad Shalit

PHOTOS: How Do Children In Gaza Spend Their Summer Breaks?

The Huffington Post UK | Jessica Elgot | Posted 13.06.2013 | UK

For most kids at summer camp, playing 'capture the flag' is about as serious as the games get. But for these Palestinian children, summer camp is spen...

Israel Release 55 But 106 Palestinian Children Remain in Jail as Shackling Continues

Richard Burden | Posted 20.02.2012 | UK Politics
Richard Burden

Each year around 700 Palestinian children are held by Israel. Unlike Israeli children, they are subject to military, not civil jurisdiction. Widespread concerns about their treatment have been catalogued by DCI and a range of other Israeli and international human rights organisations. Children are frequently taken from their homes in the middle of the night, without telling their parents why they are being arrested or where they are being taken. Painful hand ties and blindfolds are used for extended periods of time. Rarely are they even allowed to speak to their parents.

The Deported

Chris York | Posted 24.12.2011 | UK
Chris York

The 18th of October was a big day in Israel. A young man, imprisoned against his will was released and flew home to be reunited with friends and family. I'm not talking about Gilad Shalit, I am in fact referring to myself.

Israel/Palestine - Forget the Last Two Years

Peter Blair | Posted 24.12.2011 | UK
Peter Blair

If Obama wants his Nobel piece prize to become more than a million dollar mantelpiece ornament, he should show leadership like the Kennedys, and become a transformative leader rather than simply a reactionary one. Forget the last two years, it is time to start thinking about where we want to be two years from now.

Understanding Why the Prisoner Exchange Matters

Richard Burden | Posted 23.12.2011 | UK Politics
Richard Burden

If it is important for people like me to understand the significance of one Israeli soldier's captivity to Israeli families, so too is it important for Israel's friends abroad to understand the personal significance of Palestinian prisoners for Palestinian families across the Occupied Territories.

Israel and Hamas' Prisoner Exchange - What's in a Name?

Belle Lupton | Posted 19.12.2011 | UK
Belle Lupton

How can one channel fully and accurately report an event like that of yesterday? In the case of Israel - Palestine (and now Hamas), it probably can't. The Israel - Palestine conflict is so imbued with emotion that it is almost impossible to find anyone to comment on it impartially.

Gilad Shalit, Ron Arad

Hannah Gal | Posted 17.12.2011 | UK
Hannah Gal

Israel is buzzing with overwhelming excitement at the imminent return of Gilad shalit. There are joyous dances in the streets with children all over ...

Israeli Soldier Gilad Shalit Returns Home To Hero's Welcome After Release

Huffington Post UK | Posted 18.12.2011 | UK

Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier captured by Hamas five years ago, has been greeted by cheering, flag-waving crowds after arriving back in his hometow...

VIDEO: Gilad Shalit Gives First Interview

Posted 18.12.2011 | UK

Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier captured by Hamas five years ago, has given his first interview after being released by the Palestinian group on Tue...

Lessons From the Release of Gilad Shalit

Josh Glancy | Posted 18.12.2011 | UK Politics
Josh Glancy

Gilad Shalit returns to his home to Mitzpe Hila in the northern Galilee today and only the most hardened observer could fail to be moved by the pictures of a young man reunited with his family after 1941 days in captivity.

Gilad Shalit: A Swap Uneven in Number and Nature

Lauren Davidson | Posted 18.12.2011 | UK Politics
Lauren Davidson

June 25th 2006 was a Sunday. I watched the England v Ecuador world cup game. My best friend stayed over for the weekend. I worried about finishing a personal statement for my university application. Gilad Shalit was captured by Hamas militants in a cross-border raid.

Gilad Shalit Freed In Palestinian Prisoner Swap

Huffington Post UK | Posted 17.12.2011 | UK

Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier captured by Hamas five years ago, has been transferred to Israel authorities following an agreement with Gaza's rule...

Gilad Shalit Release - First Step in the Long Road to Peace?

Yossi Mekelberg | Posted 17.12.2011 | UK Politics
Yossi Mekelberg

The release of Gilad Shalit will bring to an end one of the most, not only intricate, but also visible campaigns to ensure the release of a captive Israeli soldier.

Victims Families In Israeli High Court To Delay Gilad Shalit Swap Deal

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 17.12.2011 | UK

The families of four victims of terrorism have submitted pleas to the Israeli High Court of Justice asking that the release of more than 1,000 prisone...

Israel Has Paid 'Painful Price' For Soldier's Release, Ambassador Accepts

Huffington Post UK | Michael Rundle | Posted 12.12.2011 | UK

The negotiated release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit from Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip in return for up to 1,000 Palestinian prisoners has been gr...