Higgs Boson Announcement

A Time and a Place for Typography?

Nadine Chahine | Posted 03.09.2012 | UK Tech
Nadine Chahine

Yesterday saw a landmark moment in science, history and indeed, evolution. However, one of the biggest reactions to the breakthrough was nothing to do with the feats of science achieved, but the way it was presented to the world - more specifically, the font which was used to present the findings.

Beyond the Standard Model: The String Controversy

Théo Le Bret | Posted 01.09.2012 | UK Tech
Théo Le Bret

In a couple of days, the final results on the search for the Higgs at CERN will be publicised, so in the meantime, I would like to dwell a bit on what comes after. Indeed, if the Higgs is found, this will only have confirmed, once more, that the Standard Model of Particle Physics was right, and was able to predict the existence of a new, exotic particle.

CERN Higgs Boson V Comic Sans Debacle

Robert Urquhart | Posted 13.02.2012 | UK Tech
Robert Urquhart

Watching the news from CERN via Twitter yesterday made for interesting viewing as one by one whispers of a design faux-pas echoed round the room and rash of Comic Sans hashtags broke out.